We Dress According To South Carolina High School Dress Codes • Ladylike

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"Dirty shirt, dirty rules!"
Blythewood High School
•Stratford High School
•Aiken High School
•Bamberg-Ehrhardt High School
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Ladylike 3 місяці тому
Hey y’all!! For the next episode we will be doing Devin’s home state of GEORGIA! If you have a school we should look at, leave your suggestions here! -Kristin
Hamna Iqbal
Hamna Iqbal 20 годин тому
Do Virginia
Joslyn Q.
Joslyn Q. День тому
I think you should do Michigan because there's a lot of schools and it's messed up and wonky here
Contessa День тому
Ladylike do Frederick county middle school or James wood high from Virginia!!
Desire Leslie
Desire Leslie 15 днів тому
Hannah Grant
Hannah Grant 16 днів тому
Ladylike Lumpkin County High School
Kailey Hoopes
Kailey Hoopes 30 хвилин тому
For the one where the neck to 3in above the knee are girls just supposed to just to wear turtlenecks all the damn time
Kelsey Zeus
Kelsey Zeus 7 годин тому
Where’s the new episode with devin yalllll
Clark Roberts
Clark Roberts 7 годин тому
I used to live in South Carolina
Lilly VanGorder
Lilly VanGorder 9 годин тому
Plz plzz do one from Nevada and plzzzzzz include Douglas County dress code or also known as Douglas high school
Jessica Hammerly
Jessica Hammerly 10 годин тому
The fishhook goes on hats
Joy Youmans
Joy Youmans 11 годин тому
bless they’re hearts... they don’t know that the fish hooks were worn on hats...
Grace Goldberg
Grace Goldberg 21 годину тому
You should do this with Jasmine 😂
Karen Marie Jessen
Karen Marie Jessen День тому
www.boredpanda.com/roanoke-school-adopts-gender-neutral-dress-code/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=BPFacebook please try This 😊😊
Robyn van Schaik
Robyn van Schaik День тому
Do in a video the Rules of Dutch school😜
JasperisCasper День тому
As for the fish hooks.. back when I was in school, LOTS of the boys in my had fish hooks on their ball caps. Idk. Weird southern things. I haven't seen anything other than that though.
Hey It’s Tiff
Hey It’s Tiff День тому
You guys should try Hawaii schools
Galaxy Tails :3
Galaxy Tails :3 День тому
I got dressed couldn’t a lot because I would wear yoga pants
pony sisters
pony sisters День тому
can you do Oregon next?
Madelyn JARVIS
Madelyn JARVIS День тому
You should have done my daughter's school Wade Hampton in Greenville sc
Penguin 1502
Penguin 1502 День тому
New Hampshire please!
Maddie Rose
Maddie Rose День тому
Producer: This was actually her high school Mike: Oooo my god!
Henry Vlogs
Henry Vlogs 2 дні тому
Do maryland
India Jenkins
India Jenkins 2 дні тому
I'm genuinely confused about what the problem is with bra straps, like are we not supposed to wear a bra?
Lizzy 2 дні тому
If you do Pennsylvania I would suggest Pittston Area for a challenge
Holly Belle
Holly Belle 2 дні тому
Do Virginia next!!! I know one county that is very strict, “James city county” I used to live there and boy did I hate it. Also “Frederick county” and “Loudoun county” loudoun county is pretty well known for having a relaxed dress code, some of my friends live there
Bailey Pattison
Bailey Pattison 2 дні тому
You should do North Carolina dress codes
Riley Raker
Riley Raker 3 дні тому
do it with devin then do it with a man!
Bailee Brant
Bailee Brant 3 дні тому
at my school your clothes must be clean and if your in 3rd grade or higher leggings are a NOPE but 2nd and under, leggings are fine... -_-
Aliyah Relucio
Aliyah Relucio 3 дні тому
Can you do Las Vegas pla
Reese D
Reese D 3 дні тому
as a south carolinian, it really sucks🤠
Abigail Hoffman
Abigail Hoffman 3 дні тому
PLEASE do DeSoto county schools in MISSISSIPPI (center hill high school has the worst dress code in the district)
smhsamanthalynn 3 дні тому
**watching this to see if my high school is here**
Chandler Alvarez
Chandler Alvarez 3 дні тому
Why does mike always look like he is a cat that is about to sneeze
Harlee Ramirez
Harlee Ramirez 3 дні тому
Do this with Morgan!!
Leah Hernandez
Leah Hernandez 3 дні тому
Jareni Ibar
Jareni Ibar 3 дні тому
Lmfao no body follows dress code at Stratford, that and only 10% of the teachers actually care about dress code Not only that our principal said that girls who are over size two look like sausages in leggings or something like that :)
Izabella Canales-Rendas
Izabella Canales-Rendas 3 дні тому
You guys should do georgia!!!!
D Λ N I 3 дні тому
i'll be experiencing these south carolina dress codes in august. stratford is my rival school i was surprised to see them
Valentineდ金あπสж ฃ
Valentineდ金あπสж ฃ 3 дні тому
When are you doing one with Devin and do riverwood
Jasmine Durrah
Jasmine Durrah 3 дні тому
Do Georgia!!!
Niyah 3 дні тому
can you do Maryland
Mia D. Hunter
Mia D. Hunter 3 дні тому
Can you do Louisiana school dress codes sometime after Georgia? I also saw a suggestion of doing middle school dress codes, and I also think it would be a good idea! The suggestion was from Sophie
Carsynisdead 3 дні тому
Omg thank u I live in spartanburg and it is terrible. I requested it! Also we don’t fuck our cousins lol
Daisy Velasquez-Coreas
Daisy Velasquez-Coreas 4 дні тому
you guys should do monroe township high school in new jersey
Candy Zhon
Candy Zhon 4 дні тому
I'm late
zoe lewis
zoe lewis 4 дні тому
Wait, that's all the clothes u have? Or do I have an addiction
Brynna Johnson
Brynna Johnson 4 дні тому
please do Iowa! please please, please!
zoe henry
zoe henry 4 дні тому
oh yeah this is exactly what south carolina is like
Lucy Grieswell
Lucy Grieswell 4 дні тому
Guys wear fishhooks on their hats
Lucy Grieswell
Lucy Grieswell 4 дні тому
Omg those places are near my school in SC, my best friend goes to blythewood!!!!!
Brenna Yeary
Brenna Yeary День тому
Lucy Grieswell I go to Blythewood, I can’t be the only one that’s happy our small town got representations😂
The Real Keen Ski
The Real Keen Ski 4 дні тому
When you do Devon's episode, you should do Centennial High School in Champaign Illinois
Hannah Long
Hannah Long 4 дні тому
When you live in North Carolina: *dangit*
Maddie Staggs
Maddie Staggs 5 днів тому
Do Virginia high schoolDress Codes
ReyBeltane 5 днів тому
I love Joyce, but who brings a 'dominatrix dress' to a dresscode challenge. haha
Daisy Kitten 602
Daisy Kitten 602 5 днів тому
Who thinks the no rack should be re-named the fail rail
미소 Miso
미소 Miso 5 днів тому
When I was in seventh grade I had no dress code what so ever but then i had to go to a new school a month before 8th grade ended and that dress code was 🤢 but now I’m in hs and have no dress code what so ever 🎉🎉
LolaJean Covey
LolaJean Covey 5 днів тому
At my high school you can wear eny thing
Whispering_Echo 5 днів тому
At least you dont have to wear a uniform everyday to school, gotta love the UK
Laina Plays
Laina Plays 5 днів тому
you should do Michigan schools next ;)
Wassup Julianna
Wassup Julianna 5 днів тому
Woodruff is insane in South Carolina! No dyed hair, no unusual hairstyles, no tank tops, no leggings or yoga pants, no crop tops, no skirts above the knee or dresses below the knee, no frays or holes in pants, etc. etc. :/
Madison stearns
Madison stearns 5 днів тому
Can you do Rhode Island Narragansett middle school and broad rock
SavageGirl Games
SavageGirl Games 5 днів тому
Arianna Carulli
Arianna Carulli 5 днів тому
We are talking about high school...the place where shaming happens all the time. For example, in my high school a girl was expelled because she dyed her hair blue (AND IT WASN'T AGAINST ANY WRITTEN RULE!)...so she had to do her last year privately...
Madison Manning
Madison Manning 5 днів тому
Do Colorado!
Colby Reneé
Colby Reneé 5 днів тому
I’ve watched all of these videos(ik this is super late lol) and I think they’re really great, I feel like something you guys should talk about his how these unproportionately affect girls who have developed earlier or just have larger boobs, butt etc. like the midriff rule, two girls wearing the same tank top the one with larger boobs is way more likely to get in trouble. Dress codes usually affect more developed girls, taller girls, plus sized girls, etc. Also they’re never uniformly enforced different teachers, or whoever could have a different definition of what a rule means which I think you have takes about before. I think all in all dress codes are completely fine, almost everywhere has a dress code: court rooms, weddings, whatever and that’s fine it’s just when the rules are heteronormative, sexist, and prohibit creativity that is the problem.
laney 5 днів тому
nicki blankenship
nicki blankenship 5 днів тому
The fingertips thing is not fair because a lot of people are different and I have very long arms and my fingertips are a few inches above my knee when fully extended
Zsa Zsa Peaks Marshmallow
Zsa Zsa Peaks Marshmallow 6 днів тому
You guys should do the dress code for Virginia! I go to Chantilly High School and we have a relatively small dress code! I hope you guys do this one with Devon. ❤️😊
Name Me
Name Me 6 днів тому
Just wear i full spandex body suit:)))
Adilyn Keylock
Adilyn Keylock 6 днів тому
You should do Washington State. More specifically do the Sumner Bonney Lake School District. They are very strict. Also, the teachers and staff are stick to it like it is glue. I don’t think you will have hardly anything left for. Your closet if you do this district. Also from this district a very good school dress code can be found from the Sumner Middle School. I don’t know if each school has a different one but please check this out!!
Leigh Moore
Leigh Moore 6 днів тому
Actually kids in my middle school put fishhooks on their hats(we shouldnt even have hats at my school) also I'm pretty sure I'm going to Stratford for my junior and senior years of high school so yay to not strict dress code
Jas'myne Williams
Jas'myne Williams 6 днів тому
Lemme tell you.... no one follows them.
Adelyn Cogdill
Adelyn Cogdill 6 днів тому
You should do Wisconsin dress codes
Taylor Harry
Taylor Harry 6 днів тому
Dude I used to go to blythwood I used to think that this dress code was normal
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