Twins Go in a WOMB SIMULATOR together!!

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Dolan Twins

Dolan Twins

7 днів тому

We relived our first bonding experience of all time...
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c d
c d 20 годин тому
Was he licking his twins ear in the thumbnail?
Payton W
Payton W 20 годин тому
You guys should do you two and Emma hand cuffed to each other for the day
hello have a nice day
hello have a nice day 20 годин тому
Is gray floppy hair coming back? Or it's just me?
Lina Alnimer
Lina Alnimer 20 годин тому
Anyone else noticed how much tanner Greyson is than Ethan in this video
Anna 20 годин тому
the doctor probably thinks they're retarded
Shawna White
Shawna White 20 годин тому
in the future this video might honestly be used for a sex ed class-
theylovemarg 21 годину тому
Is it weird that I want the doctor to be my dad
Hershey Balan
Hershey Balan 21 годину тому
i love how ethan took this challenge so seriously🤣
Shontana G
Shontana G 21 годину тому
I love that G is saying he's the superior twin but he was literally dead so...
Beatrix Potter
Beatrix Potter 21 годину тому
Just a quick question but would y’all ever go back to vines?🙃like if u agree
micsfabz 21 годину тому
why does the doctor kinda remind me of tom cruise?? XDD but like seriously tho he literally looks like tom cruise XD
Roblox Player
Roblox Player 22 години тому
They were wombmates
sophie louise
sophie louise 22 години тому
you don’t breathe until you’re outside the womb ahaha
liv archi
liv archi 23 години тому
“This is gonna be a magical moment” “LET ME OUT”
Kiki 14
Kiki 14 23 години тому
Instead of deflating it more and more you should have like filled it with more and more water.
blinking army
blinking army День тому
Ethan taking notes is so hilarious :D
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss День тому
Awesome video!
nebula День тому
So basically your mom pees out your pee
Kai Vlogs
Kai Vlogs День тому
22:42 graysons packin’💀💀
Ob-LIV-ious День тому
It’s 3 AM, and I’ve made the realization that E and Grey trigger my insomnia.
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss День тому
Is it me or this is the most stupidest video but it hilarious
ellemartin15 День тому
22:43 I'm dead.🤣
trippy lachelle
trippy lachelle День тому
1:32 😭
makenzie kell
makenzie kell День тому
who else noticed their toenails are painted?? (no hate)
Rose День тому
1:30 i actually cannot deal😂😂
Citlalli & the Lollipops
Citlalli & the Lollipops День тому
1:04 I thought my phone died 😂
Cristo Mineros
Cristo Mineros День тому
22:43 you’ll see a big something 😯
gael Antonio
gael Antonio День тому
Omg I think Grayson was a little excited at 22:42
heyitsmarkisaaa День тому
i know ethan didnt js say “are you even considered alive then” 🤦🏽‍♀️
Alessandro Tempera
Alessandro Tempera День тому
What a nice boner grayson😋
Cassidy Eyres
Cassidy Eyres День тому
Bambi Bamboo
Bambi Bamboo День тому
Dolan Twins- *ask weird questions* Dr.- “Sure...Sure.”
The stronger twin usually lets the weaker twin come out first because the stronger twin can hold on longer just saying💜
c d
c d 20 годин тому
My stronger one came out first.
Cameron Herauf
Cameron Herauf День тому
Love the editing. They've really stepped it up!
bayleigh badger
bayleigh badger День тому
Wears Tuesday video. love you guys.💕💕
Awesome Am
Awesome Am День тому
I am claustrophobic and watching them in that little bubble was killing me so I felt sooooo bad for Grayson in there! Especially when Ethan got out and there was hardly any oxygen!
Chubby 210
Chubby 210 День тому
Is it me or this is the most stupidest video but it hilarious
maegan Clark
maegan Clark День тому
0:42 Well technically your 9 months old when your born because youve been in the womb for 9 months developing
iiiconicxkweeen День тому
What if Ethan was Grayson and Grayson was Ethan but their mom got confused so now Grayson is Ethan and Ethan is Grayson?
Der Kiesel Stein
Der Kiesel Stein День тому
Logan and jake paul were the worst they said.... No one‘s crazier they said...
mari День тому
I was dying when he noted “kick Greyson”
Yvette jimenez
Yvette jimenez День тому
Grayson looked so disappointed when he said they fucked up😭 “we forgot to ask him what babies wear inside of the womb”
Taytaytiger2006 L
Taytaytiger2006 L День тому
Yvette jimenez
Yvette jimenez День тому
Poor doctor😂he didn’t expect his day to go like this 😂
grace mcneil
grace mcneil День тому
...and they were wOmbmates
Alexis Burrous
Alexis Burrous День тому
This is the weirdest video I’ve ever watched 😂 it’s hilarious tho!!
Skateboarder123 День тому
Alyssa Suarez
Alyssa Suarez День тому
I think I lost some brain cells watching this
Sanjuana Mota
Sanjuana Mota День тому
I had a twin but I absorbed him
Kaleah Syvirathphan
Kaleah Syvirathphan День тому
obstetrician-gynecologist or therapist?
cora chrisphonte
cora chrisphonte День тому
Ethan- “GoOps CaN’t MoVe LiKe tHat” I DIED😭
Azahri Mohamed
Azahri Mohamed День тому
Who else wants to them upload a video about Ethan being the older brother.
Kaylee Villarroel
Kaylee Villarroel День тому
Idk why but I feel bad for him because of a long hair sticking out on his head 7:22
Santa День тому
Are these guys gay?
Azahri Mohamed
Azahri Mohamed День тому
Lamoaoaoaoaooa the doctor facial expression were speechless LMAOAOAOOA when he keeps saying "sure".
Faseehah Ali
Faseehah Ali День тому
When are u guys going to babysit elle
satkirat B
satkirat B День тому
You should do a home invasion prank
Melanie Vazquez
Melanie Vazquez День тому
“I’ve never been so happy to be out of the placenta in my life” LMAO you’re not in the placenta. You’re in the amniotic sack
its ya gurll jennifer
its ya gurll jennifer День тому
Doctor looked so unsure of his answers to the Dolan twins
sweetxner День тому
22:40 you’ll thank me later😉👀
Giovanni Hernandez
Giovanni Hernandez День тому
My 16 year old tio was 9 pounds like bout to be ten by his self
Hayley O'Reilly
Hayley O'Reilly День тому
do a what our tattoos mean part 3
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide День тому
Do yall still have that house with the stripper pole???
Brooklyn White
Brooklyn White День тому
Do more pranks
Katanna Girl
Katanna Girl День тому
The conversation between the doctor and Ethan and Grayson was so fucking uncomfortable to watch, and so awkward. 😂😂😂
Kristyn Garcia
Kristyn Garcia День тому
The doctor looks so concerned and his facial expressions are amazing
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide День тому
Hey! I loved the video!!
CrustyCrustBucket_DripDrop _
CrustyCrustBucket_DripDrop _ День тому
12:38 I prefer the white polish....
McKenna Edens
McKenna Edens День тому
Imagine that the neighbors look over and see them doing this!!! XD
Deedee’s Life
Deedee’s Life День тому
Ethan:"ArE wE cOnSiDeReD AliVE aT tHaT pOiNt?" Me: (sarcasm) nooooooo you just magically come out alive being in the womb for 9 months, not kicking your mother inside of her stomach , its just the food 🤓💀🤦🏾‍♀️
PrincessSymone Johnson
PrincessSymone Johnson День тому
Grayson must like being in the womb 22:41 hahaha
Penny День тому
do they know the womb is the uterus??
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