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14 годин тому

Welcome to the day after Judgment Day. Producer James Cameron returns with director Tim Miller for Terminator: Dark Fate. Watch the official trailer now. In theatres 11.1.19.
Linda Hamilton (“Sarah Connor”) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (“T-800”) return in their iconic roles in Terminator: Dark Fate, directed by Tim Miller (Deadpool) and produced by visionary filmmaker James Cameron and David Ellison. Following the events of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Terminator: Dark Fate also stars Mackenzie Davis, Natalia Reyes, Gabriel Luna, and Diego Boneta.

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rocky dennis
rocky dennis 10 годин тому
Hmm not sure what to think of this, certainly doesnt look r rated like they said it would be, doesnt look that james camerony either.
WhatchaGot2Say 10 годин тому
Arnold's old ass won't give up! Gotta admire his persistence. Got to our channel for our official reaction to this trailer.
Cory Jones
Cory Jones 10 годин тому
Explains why he’s going to be DLC in Mk11
Prarabdh seth
Prarabdh seth 10 годин тому
Judgement Day was lit....thus is really🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😂
Artur Yarmukhametov
Artur Yarmukhametov 10 годин тому
Песню Бьёрк испортили, моглиб оригинал взять
Ferghal Molloy
Ferghal Molloy 10 годин тому
Looks EXACTLY the same as the last 3 train wrecks. They only got Hamilton back to get people through the theatre doors. PG-13. Shite.
nufrequency 10 годин тому
How do you end up with a movie that has CGI looking worse than it's previous installment from 1991 ?
mc nasty
mc nasty 10 годин тому
Another bad terminator movie
Johansen Jockular
Johansen Jockular 10 годин тому
Isn't this just more of the same thing? It feels just like Genisys only with the casting gimmick of Linda Hamilton.
Marco Zúñiga
Marco Zúñiga 10 годин тому
So, is this what dumb kids feel like when seeing a new Avengers trailer? ´Cause I just got the maximum level of goosebumps ever!
Hunter O' Tails
Hunter O' Tails 10 годин тому
Lesbian Terminator? Meh. No thanks. Next!
RobotDad 10 годин тому
That was garbage.
Myles White
Myles White 10 годин тому
AWESOME TRAILER!!!! THIS MOVIE BETTER BE RATED R!!!! 😭💕❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯☠️💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
鷹火 10 годин тому
t-800 still alive?
Zach Cline
Zach Cline 10 годин тому
Not another horrible terminator
TheFirstCause 10 годин тому
Unfortunately... looks like a rehash of all the previous films... include all the bad sequels after T2. - T1000/Endoskeleton mix like T3 (at least it looks better here and fits with the Terminators design unlike the T-X) - Also, this new Terminator guy has a slight vulnerable look in his eyes essentially in every clip... rather than a killer brutality or even neutral as featured in T1, T2, heck even the T1000 in the horrific Genesys played by awesomely by Lee Byung-hun. He was one of the better parts of that terrible film because he felt like a Terminator, a killer, a cold machine. Here this guy almost looks like a kid trying to be tough but his inner vulnerable fear showing through. Almost like in various short films with amateur non/actors, were the guy is trying to look tough in his trenchcoat but he just doesn't have the inner fire to back it up. This new guy might be a fantastic actor, but I find that a very bizarre casting choice for this role, and it wouldn't be his fault if that is the case. - Clearly shifted apocalypse/Judgement Day timeline just like T3 (yuck). - Terminator Human cyborg hybrid that claims to be human like Marcus in Terminator Salvation - 'Because I was her' from Sarah Connor explaining that this young lady is the new Sarah Connor equivalent. Probably will have a future baby who will be the savior... perhaps a girl this time since this movie seems to really be embracing the girl thing as a statement, with all the main leads being women, Ghostbusters and Oceans 8 style, rather than just organically having a mix of competent men and competent women. Or perhaps she herself is the future savior to try to mix it up. Obviously just the Terminator 1 plot pushed into this movie also. - Action scenes look too fake and slow motion CGI fest unfortunately. - The entire trailers tone was completely off. The choice of music was just wrong for a Terminator movie. The choral chanting, the slow singing about hunting (even though the hunter looks like a kid trying to be tough) The Terminator Salvation trailer was better and that movie sucked badly. - I continue to have no hope for this film.
sid assassin
sid assassin 10 годин тому
Too bad arnold is not a main character in this
Not impressed unfortunately. I heard good things from people who'd seen early footage, but this looks very lackluster, generic modern action flick, and the terrible music choice doesn't help sell it at all.
David X
David X 10 годин тому
Needs more Batwoman...
Jon 10 годин тому
Linda Hamilton returns in Terminator: I'd like to speak to your manager.
Yahdale Ouidah
Yahdale Ouidah 10 годин тому
If the new and improved Terminators can't stop Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger (Basically senior citizens) there are literally ZERO THREATS from the future! 😁
Kimberly Foroutan
Kimberly Foroutan 10 годин тому
Not impressed. Maybe catch it on Netflix.
LunaticMS 10 годин тому
Ok so if I'm reading Wikipedia right... An adult lady human-robot hybrid goes back in time to protect a child human-robot hybrid from a terminator that can split into two terminators and joins up with Sarah Connor and also John Connor is there maybe. Am I understanding this correctly or having a stroke
cyberneticghost47 10 годин тому
There better be a terminator gang bang.
Karan Roy
Karan Roy 10 годин тому
The lady in the thumbnail seemed like Brad Pitt lol 😂
hdckdsadd 10 годин тому
sorry, but the evil terminator has the charisma of a frozen onion. and bombastic action scenes does not make the movie good, but visceral ones that are believable and facilitate suspension of disbelief
Kyle Platz
Kyle Platz 10 годин тому
JOHN MARK MCMILLAN'S VOICE!!!! Wow never thought I'd hear the guy who wrote "How He loves" singing in a Terminator trailer. Pretty awesome.
Listen To Reason
Listen To Reason 10 годин тому
So why not just use the grenade launcher first?
Danish Gaming VR
Danish Gaming VR 10 годин тому
Hey guys, I have been told I do a decent Arnie impression, I do some gaming Vids on my channel, feel free to check them out and I hope you enjoy 😁
noobmaster 69
noobmaster 69 10 годин тому
This looks like SHIT
Castle Bravo
Castle Bravo 10 годин тому
0:44 nice animation lel, like the original terminator of 80s
Akash Thakre
Akash Thakre 10 годин тому
Firststg sonic ,now this... what's up with the Paramount Pictures
dolphinhead2112 10 годин тому
Give it a rest for crying out loud!😂
Andrei Gagiu
Andrei Gagiu 10 годин тому
Полный тухляк, ничего выдающегося и способного тронуть. И Арни в эпизодах
Rorschach 6666
Rorschach 6666 10 годин тому
cgi looks horrible and cartoonish..
Петр Иванович
Петр Иванович 10 годин тому
Просто рандомный текст на русском. Продолжайте.
ImperioMagno 10 годин тому
Rant Man
Rant Man 10 годин тому
Donnie Darko
Donnie Darko 10 годин тому
What's next female Robocop?
Jelani Wood
Jelani Wood 10 годин тому
Ghost Rider as Terminator
Ali Saiyan
Ali Saiyan 10 годин тому
This is pure garbage!!!! Im sorry this has no mechanical sound effects or any good trailer feel to it at all... This looks like a music video fanmade or something WTF!! Wow man this is unbelievable, does anyone remember the teaser for T2 and the T800 getting built in the Skynet Base... That was epicness remember...??
Zuko Urquhart
Zuko Urquhart 10 годин тому
Looks marginally better than Genysis. My expectation were low even with JC directing...errr screenwriting...oops producing. I’ll wait and see...but the lore has been all but ruined. I always thought the 3rd movie should have been the future war that ends when the send Reese back and destroy Skynet. The 5 minute intro of T2 in the future was better than the last 3 movies combined. Hopefully this will be the end. I was hoping when the rights reverted to Cameron he would effectively kill the franchise...he just may have.
magickalmermaid 10 годин тому
So Let Me Guess, Inspired By Logan or Jamie Lee Curtis Halloween!
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez 10 годин тому
I'll just wait for Avatar 2 3 4 and 5.
Ultra Gamezz
Ultra Gamezz 10 годин тому
You know I was about to say why don't they just let this damn Terminator movie shit die already since the last few where garbage but this one's looks promising 🤔
American Paisa
American Paisa 10 годин тому
Judgement Day is inevitable.
sachit shetty
sachit shetty 10 годин тому
Either make an awesome Terminator movie or don't stop disappointing your fans this looks worse then T3
Jacob Smits
Jacob Smits 10 годин тому
These 17 year old incels commenting are too young and stupid to know that Terminator I and II were the original woman-empowerment action movies...
theatomicghostbr 10 годин тому
that would be Louis Feuillade, Les Vampires, pleb.
8 Gamer
8 Gamer 10 годин тому
Now this is proper way to improvise a amazing character. Would love to watch it
Алексей Егоров
Алексей Егоров 10 годин тому
MrTreyshawn22 10 годин тому
LorDXEORUS 10 годин тому
femine nightmare
sid assassin
sid assassin 10 годин тому
Is that ghost rider from agents of shield?
Adam Osborn
Adam Osborn 10 годин тому
They should revisit the events of T2! Pull a Back to the Future!
Khurt Khave
Khurt Khave 10 годин тому
I only care because Arny's in it. I'll wait until I know if he's really in it or if it's a shitty 2 minute cameo. I really don't care about this franchise anymore.
V. M. A
V. M. A 10 годин тому
So, there's still no presence of John huh? of course He is still in the rehab, and the title movie "Dark Fate" is pretty much explain it all. The Terminator franchise will not got credibility as the true sequel if another actor being casted for John Connor. so James make a decisions to wrote another stories without involving John Connor here. judging from the title and the teaser trailer's dialogues, from my own perspective John in the Sarah's (Linda Hamilton) timeline has died. so She going back to the past to re-write the fate and here She try to take care of Her self, a young Sarah Connor, and of course to make sure that Her son, John save later. but later She know that someone has already send other person (these young half human-half terminator girl) to protect young Sarah Connor.
Karanjeet Kainth
Karanjeet Kainth 10 годин тому
I see *tencent pictures* at start that company is taking over 😤
Reni 10 годин тому
This can't be real? Looks fucking horrendous
getwell hanuman temple
getwell hanuman temple 10 годин тому
Not like. This only arnold sir is best this movie
Sergey Sudar
Sergey Sudar 10 годин тому
DREGA 10 годин тому
Looks like a parody! :(
Rich Garcia
Rich Garcia 10 годин тому
This is just my opinion, but I believe cyborgs are the next step in the evolution of the Terminators. Especially when you take Terminator hybrids like Marcus Wright (from Terminator Salvation) into account. The fusion of man and machine is inevitable, and humans make the perfect killing machines.
Elliott Pack
Elliott Pack 10 годин тому
We get it! I am woman hear me roar! Bla bla bla...
stick opter
stick opter 10 годин тому
Just stop making these. You should have just done the right thing in the first place and after t2 just had the future war and be done.
Gabriel dos Santos
Gabriel dos Santos 10 годин тому
Please don't suck. We're counting on you, Jim.
Daniel Nobre
Daniel Nobre 10 годин тому
The Syfy channel has finally got the rights to do a Terminator movie??
Sasa Kovac
Sasa Kovac 10 годин тому
Looks like a video game
Alex Tort
Alex Tort 10 годин тому
Aw, man, you should have been bury half-dead franchise back to 2004. What's the point of raping once good universe?
Egor Noh
Egor Noh 10 годин тому
Что это за высер Мы все проебали
Harry-Madrid 10 годин тому
When will it be able to watch?
Dragonetta 10 годин тому
This looks good to me! Nice cover of the Bjork tune, too!
Der Kernspalter
Der Kernspalter 10 годин тому
Too sad the cast looks shit.
kiran 10 годин тому
I'm I the only one who likes terminator 3.
Pratdogg's gaming
Pratdogg's gaming 10 годин тому
feminist terminator???
Benjamin Goldblatt
Benjamin Goldblatt 10 годин тому
I hope they *terminate* this movie idea before they actually make it
GhostRiderCash 10 годин тому
The action looks good but the new Terminator looks like a soccer mom.
paul mcgettigan
paul mcgettigan 10 годин тому
I'm still really looking forward to this as they are not showing alot of the story that they want to keep hidden. But I've got to admit it's a very disappointing trailer in regards trying to convince people back to the Terminator franchise that walked away years ago
Sniff Heinkel
Sniff Heinkel 10 годин тому
I kind of wish they would have ditched that nano tech shit from Terminator Genisys. But other than that this trailer doesn't look too bad. Faith restored.
Naseef Ns
Naseef Ns 10 годин тому
Shit tralier but James Cameron and Tim🤐 goosebumps
Alex B
Alex B 10 годин тому
The antagonist will be the new ghost rider on Disney’s new streaming service
QCream 10 годин тому
I’m more concerned about this horrible Bjork “Hunter” remake wtf
Caleb Parke
Caleb Parke 10 годин тому This is a real teaser trailer
Anonymous Appi D
Anonymous Appi D 10 годин тому
0:30 katy perry did over dieting
sandeep parmar
sandeep parmar 10 годин тому
Blockbuster hitt of the year 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
MrAbovetopsecret 10 годин тому
Oh wow, here comes the angry storm of negative UAwomen comments. Such genius.
TheHypersonic55 10 годин тому
I am intrigued, however, that choice of music is awful. "I'm going hunting" I can't take that seriously but now it's stuck in my head, shit. 😂
Ben Collins
Ben Collins 10 годин тому
Shaun Middleton
Shaun Middleton 10 годин тому
Zforce 10 годин тому
This new Ghost Rider movie looks lit.
Mr 888
Mr 888 10 годин тому
I'm so gona watch this - Transformers: Dark Fate 0:27 Bumblebee is now a yellow truck. 0:25 Shia LaBeouf has aged a bit & he looks more like a Mexican illegal immigrant. 0:54 Is Lockdown's son
ProjectStryker 10 годин тому
This movie feels really weak! What happened to the gritty and atmospheric feeling that T1 and T2 had?? It's like they thought of every possible way to make this movie shitty. I already can tell this movie will be forgotten years from now. The CGI looks lame...It's like they're trying to hard to top Terminator 2 which will never happen if they continue making this kind of hot garbage. I cringed at the airplane scene in the trailer. I know some people will think I should not be judging the movie since it hasn't come out yet. There has never been a time when I saw a trailer that looked awful and the movie turned out amazing. In my experience, what you see in the trailer is exactly what you get. The only good thing about this movie is that Arnie and Linda are back. Even then, that's not going to save this film. I guessing this will be rated PG-13, not that it always makes an action movie automatically bad, but in Terminator's case I think it does. Everyone needs to stop kidding themselves and stop hoping for a good Terminator movie. It will never be replicated again. Especially if James Cameron isn't directing. People should vote with their wallets and not see this movie. Maybe... just maybe they will finally get a clue and make something worthwhile.
Unnilunium Ununtrium
Unnilunium Ununtrium 10 годин тому
Robbie is a skeleton again.
Sukhjit Singh
Sukhjit Singh 10 годин тому
You expect this trailer to be trending #1, but its #12...
B. Pornchaser
B. Pornchaser 10 годин тому
The CGI looks amazing for a 90s movie.
Blissfully Ignorant
Blissfully Ignorant 10 годин тому
Holy Fucking shit.
Abdul Mtoro III
Abdul Mtoro III 10 годин тому
Why Paramount loves to screw things up?....First it was Sonic, Still is.....And now this ....wth????
Wade Hadley
Wade Hadley 10 годин тому
Looks hilarious
richm711 10 годин тому
Based on this trailer... I'd rather watch the GOT finale. This looks rehashed and non progressive.
Fanhobby Friki
Fanhobby Friki 10 годин тому
it's a joke?
Shawn 10 годин тому
except in T3, it stated sarah died in 1997 from how does this entire plot make any sense???
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