Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - First Look Trailer - Nintendo E3 2019

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2 місяці тому

The sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is now in development for Nintendo Switch!
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LizardMane 6 хвилин тому
is that ganon?
Joshua Mark
Joshua Mark 41 хвилина тому
Ganon? Awww man. So we back in the mine, Swinging that sword from side to side, side to side.
Charlie Flores
Charlie Flores Годину тому
Hyper Limit Breaker
Hyper Limit Breaker 4 години тому
Huh its almost like how Ganon "Opens his eyes" similar to how link does when zelda tells him to
Nele Hansen
Nele Hansen 4 години тому
Oh yesss boy😍🤘
YouTube II
YouTube II 5 годин тому
please let this be another Majora's mask case. The concept artwork for the first game was so creepy and I'd love to see that in this one
nig ger
nig ger 7 годин тому
Sky map?
the cum minister
the cum minister 8 годин тому
The malice: *eats a rat link: why do i hear boss music
ischi 9 годин тому
0:50 I think at that point we all pooped our pants and didn't notice
이시원 12 годин тому
fish dad dog elephant fork fire
Random Person In Comments
Random Person In Comments 13 годин тому
Botw is my favorite game of all time CAN'T WAIT
Panda Panda
Panda Panda 14 годин тому
So more or less the same game, only not really?
Franklin Potter
Franklin Potter 16 годин тому
y'know, link's hair is longer than zelda's, just say'n
Cicada Hurricane
Cicada Hurricane 17 годин тому
my theory is that links hand is now a hook shot and other things that can be like the skika slate
Silver Spade
Silver Spade 21 годину тому
No wonder why there hasn't been another reincarnation of Ganon...because Ganondorf was never dead.
Mason Climax
Mason Climax 21 годину тому
Ganon is apparently the type of person to have several email accounts solely because of free netflix trials
theperser81 22 години тому
Please aonuma, bring back the fishing to breath of zhe wild. With this big world and thousands waterplaces, you can hide so many different and mytic fishes to going hunting for. The gamer would chase all the fishesh and it would take so many gaming hours to find all. That would increase the game time for just fun for soooo many hours.
Cristian531662_robot 12
Cristian531662_robot 12 День тому
Nintendo nintendo nintendo
Dude XX
Dude XX День тому
where the frick are the towers, shrines, and divine beasts in the shot of the castle rising
Bibba Nibba
Bibba Nibba День тому
Still don’t know how sexy spirit ganon came from this trailer *its literally a rotting corpse*
crazy White wolf
crazy White wolf День тому
*takes sip of tea* TIME TO WAIT ANOTHER 3-5 YEARS !
Manny1k День тому
Please Nintendo make the main dungeons better in this one. I love botw but those ancient gear things lacked the in-depth puzzle solving action that other Zelda games like oot had. This game is beautiful but with fixing some of its main problems the sequel can be a masterpiece.
average comment section troll
average comment section troll День тому
I hope we get to play as Zelda for once
PandaLover Brennen
PandaLover Brennen День тому
What if everyone saw this comment and liked it
Jampolo День тому
The King of Darkness returns from the grave
Chris Bowman
Chris Bowman День тому
Anyone else think that Ganondorf looks like Mummra front thunder cats? Or am I just old?
Jawad День тому
I really wished that when you finish botw you can play after the events of ganon to see everyones reaction
Aveion Wilson
Aveion Wilson День тому
that's what this game is...
M. Rico
M. Rico День тому
Ganon: Yeah, so can we start from the beginning which is now!
MrSea День тому
Lets all pray that we get to keep our progress from Breath of the Wild. I wanna bump into Gannon with my Motorcycle.
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds День тому
We probably won’t
Leyla Drakes
Leyla Drakes День тому
Tara clauss
Tara clauss День тому
I remember the first Zelda I was a kid I am 42 now I wish you could remake all the older ones so we could play them all on the switch also can we switch up the monsters the ones in note are cool but try to change the way they look a little guess an idea . I want to thank you for keeping Zelda going I love the game so much
slippery_ fish
slippery_ fish День тому
Parth Vasu
Parth Vasu День тому
Ganon: comes back Link & Zelda: "How many times do we have to teach you this lesson old man?!"
ace_c День тому
I bought a switch for this game-
Ari Marino
Ari Marino День тому
William Patrick
William Patrick День тому
Damn i really wanted something new
Shawn Kistoo
Shawn Kistoo День тому
I need that I play botw 1
Archer Dante
Archer Dante День тому
well sequel means it won't be really different i guess so i fed up with BOTW enough to play same game again, probably cuz BOTW was really big game maybe more trailers may change my mind about doing another long journey
Rawr Ima T-Rex
Rawr Ima T-Rex День тому
So are we positive that was Ganondorf?
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds День тому
Red hair, Gerudo jewellery and symbols, connection to malice, yeah I’d say we’re positive that it’s Ganondorf
bowser ko
bowser ko День тому
this is a username
this is a username День тому
Link: Ganon is finally dead! Ganon: I was just using 0.00001% of my power.
Vivesho 2 дні тому
I come back here every day..
Home Care Marketing by HME
Home Care Marketing by HME 2 дні тому
Whatever the challenge, this Hero of Time with the sword that seals the darkness is ALWAYS ready!!!!
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds День тому
Home Care Marketing by HME Too true, I still play it often as well, can’t wait for this one to come out
Home Care Marketing by HME
Home Care Marketing by HME День тому
Jacob Reynolds true. That was always my favorite link and title. (Until BOTW, cause it’s just incredible. I still play it often)
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds День тому
There’s only one Hero of Time and he’s been dead for thousands of years by the time the events of BOTW occur
Terrell Hannah
Terrell Hannah 2 дні тому
Can we just take a moment to give Zelda kudos on her new hair cut?
Mohammed Naamani
Mohammed Naamani 2 дні тому
I just got an idea! Breath of the wild online. It’s like GTA online but Zelda themed. Could that be something? You could create your own character, too.
Irregular Codger
Irregular Codger 2 дні тому
Going insane in 3... 2... 1...
Drizmczizy Gaming
Drizmczizy Gaming 2 дні тому
Cynnabuns 2 дні тому
Do want. Was un aware of this game. DO WANT GIVE NOW
RealmOfWonders 2 дні тому
Anime Gaming
Anime Gaming 2 дні тому
Since i heard this might be darker than Majora’s Mask, I’m willing to watch gameplay
Ly Nguyen
Ly Nguyen 2 дні тому
Zelda and Link: finally he’s gone! Ganon: that’s where you’re wrong kiddo
山田。美名 2 дні тому
Lucy Ward
Lucy Ward 2 дні тому
First BOTW trailer: Scenery! OH LOOK! HORSES! BEES! Link a little sleepy! HE CLIMB NOW! BOTW sequel trailer: spooky castle.. dungeon.... zelda new hair cut. MUMMIES! LINKS HAND?! MORE HANDS! Gannon not dead?! EaRtH qUaKe!!! Spooky.. spooky..
Katone Vi
Katone Vi 2 дні тому
Will this outbeat the Majora's Mask? The darkest Zelda ever?!!!!!!!!! (No, Twlight Princess was not dark)
Daily dose Of Phillip
Daily dose Of Phillip 2 дні тому
900 korok seeds here I come..
Dieter Hans
Dieter Hans 2 дні тому
There has to be a love story!
Zach Chastanet
Zach Chastanet 2 дні тому
I hope there is a vr version for this
IronWolf21 2 дні тому
Gannon dwarf is back from twilight princess!!
David Martinez
David Martinez 2 дні тому
I hope to god this has the same creepy factor that rivals majoras mask
Jack n Jay playz
Jack n Jay playz 3 дні тому
link seals ganon ganon: uses miphas grace link: WTF
ElijahReacts !
ElijahReacts ! 3 дні тому
Is this available for preorder?
Steven Santillan
Steven Santillan 3 дні тому
Zelda: Ganon is dead? Tell me ganon is dead, I need to hear these words. Link: Do you need to hear all those words exactly? Zelda: Hes still alive!? Link: Well, hes not as dead as we'd hoped. Zelda: Link! 😡 Link: Just thought I'd give you a heads up. In case he ever came back. Zelda: He cant come back! Link: yeah that would be awkward.
Katianna Cagle
Katianna Cagle 3 дні тому
**Ganon has activated Mipha’s Grace**
Richard Chen
Richard Chen День тому
_I T W A S M Y P L E A S U R E_
官毛豆 3 дні тому
Ariana Zazai
Ariana Zazai 3 дні тому
Can't wait for this game!! 🤩
Elpro 3 дні тому
This game will be the last game of the nintendo switch, but the first game for the next console of nintendo R.I.P. WII U
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds 2 дні тому
No it won’t, was Skyward Sword also released on the Wii U as well as the Wii? No, this game will come out on Switch and stay on Switch
Hawk Light
Hawk Light 3 дні тому
パブロイカハンター 3 дні тому
Lamiffebg 3 дні тому
what is the release date
Hawk Light
Hawk Light 3 дні тому
Idk a few years probably
Dodo vdv
Dodo vdv 3 дні тому
We don't know 😭
Tyler Moore
Tyler Moore 3 дні тому
I love BOTW and all Zelda games. I've played every one ranging from the original on the NES up to present. Every one has it's own flavor. As such I have a few suggestions that I believe would enhance this game and make it even better than BOTW. Full disclosure I'm not DEMANDING and saying that the game will be horrible if these aren't in it, but I feel that they would benefit the game: 1. Music. The lack of music or very subdued music in BOTW was neat at first, but after my 60th hour of exploring in almost complete silence I was kinda wishing there was some sort of overworld theme. When there was prominent music it was amazing. Even giving the option to toggle music on and off via the slate would be nice. If you really wanted to go all out then giving the option to turn music on or off in certain regions, or choose what theme plays in a certain area more then others similar to how you can do that with stage music in Smash Bros would be spectacular. 2. Themed dungeons or at least some different aesthetics. The Divine Beasts and shrines were fun and all, but different puzzles with the same color palette did kinda become tedious. I'm not saying they have to be like a forest/fire/water/earth temple, but a little more visual distinction between levels during a dungeon crawl would be refreshing. 3. Enemies. I'm all for making enemies more difficult as the game progresses, but when you have four different versions of the same enemy it can get repetitious. Darknuts, Iron Knuckles, Dinoflos, Poes, Redeads, Skulltulas, etc. There are more than enough iconic Zelda enemies that we shouldn't have to recolor the same enemies and make them a little stronger as we progress. 4. I would like to be able to throw on some Zora armor and swim or walk underwater without having to worry about drowning. 5. Does most of Hyrule have to be post apocalyptic ruins? To me the biggest what if in BOTW was when they would show flashbacks of castle town and the castle pre-Ganon. It would have been awesome to explore some of these places without malice and crumbled buildings everywhere. The Light/Dark world in ALttP and the time travel in OoT were great for going back and forth. A chapter select option or some magic book/spell/technology to go back to Hyrule in it's prime would be awesome. 6. If I spend a month using amiibos Daily to get a Biggoron, Helix, or Goddess sword then they should not break halfway through a fight with a Lynel......or ever for that matter. Once again I don't want people thinking that I'm whining about these things or demanding that they be in the game, I just feel like a BOTW sequel would be even more enjoyable with some of these things. I wanna thank you all for listening to my TED talk.
Tyler Moore
Tyler Moore 15 годин тому
@CircusKing In BOTW? I loved the content at the end. Malice respawning aside, Hyrule Castle was super fun and the music is great. Same with the end of the Champions Ballad. I just feel that there could have been more levels and music like those over the entire game to the game's benefit.
CircusKing День тому
Tyler Moore What About the Endgame Content?
lord of Ink games
lord of Ink games 3 дні тому
7. A story.
TheGameBoyAdvanced 3 дні тому
Zelda: Link you have saved hyrule ganon is defeated Ganon: 0:51 EXCUSE ME?
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