Marvel’s Avengers: A-Day | Official Trailer E3 2019

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Marvel Entertainment

Marvel Entertainment

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Marvel’s Avengers begins at A-Day, where Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk, Black Widow, and Thor are unveiling a hi-tech Avengers Headquarters in San Francisco - including the reveal of their own helicarrier powered by an experimental energy source. The celebration turns deadly when a catastrophic accident results in massive devastation. Blamed for the tragedy, the Avengers disband. Five years later, with all Super Heroes outlawed and the world in peril, the only hope is to reassemble Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.
Marvel Entertainment and Square Enix are excited to unveil Marvel’s Avengers, an epic action-adventure game that combines cinematic storytelling with single-player and co-operative gameplay. Developed by Crystal Dynamics in collaboration with Eidos-Montréal, Nixxes Software, and Crystal Northwest, Marvel’s Avengers will release simultaneously for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, the Xbox One family of devices including Xbox One X, Stadia, and PC on May 15, 2020.
#EmbraceYourPowers #Reassemble #PlayAvengers
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Sai krishna
Sai krishna 23 години тому
Where's hawkeye?
djxhdus hxhdd
djxhdus hxhdd 23 години тому
Sajid Hussain
Sajid Hussain 23 години тому
Poor Graphics
deoo iopg
deoo iopg День тому
sure, it's not enough that you killed Tony, now you're gonna kill steve😤
Shayan Parizad
Shayan Parizad День тому
Why does everybody hate that bridge?
Farhan Shaikh
Farhan Shaikh День тому
They ruined ironman Captain and Thor🤧
amal manuelcj
amal manuelcj День тому
its weird to see captain america without chris 😪😪
Ike Lestariani
Ike Lestariani День тому
What this game?
Penguin PENGUINS День тому
square enix better not make it a button masher :/
Bana Baska Bak
Bana Baska Bak День тому
Mk oyununu istiyoz
Sarjana Kucing Kota
Sarjana Kucing Kota День тому
Guess what? *Im not watch this in 2020* *who same please like*
YTSmellyKneeGrow День тому
S. imran khani Khan
S. imran khani Khan День тому
Cap can't die
Raj День тому
The graphics are not as good as Infinity War or Endgame.
honk honk bitch
honk honk bitch День тому
honk honk
Kime Tadu
Kime Tadu День тому
Face is different voice is different
D3payen День тому
Jack Swift
Jack Swift День тому
These are not the Marvel characters of the comic books that made them famous..these outfits are a weak interpretation of the comic books character outfits...hulks ok. But the rest? Garbage.
Blasty gaming
Blasty gaming День тому
dude this is sick op man btw subto my channel
nilesh mehta
nilesh mehta День тому
I am pre ordering
rafli Raihan
rafli Raihan День тому
Melih Çalıcı
Melih Çalıcı День тому
Well, it just exposed the whole plot
Boss_baby 62
Boss_baby 62 День тому
Hawkeye learnt a few tricks off drax
Paris Sitochi
Paris Sitochi День тому
sure, it's not enough that you killed Tony, now you're gonna kill steve😤
bryson Laing
bryson Laing День тому
looks like a dope ds game
WARRIOR YT День тому
when u are afraid of copyright strikes!!
Aaric Plush Studios - plush videos and gaming
Aaric Plush Studios - plush videos and gaming День тому
Arman Lana Animations Support/backup
Arman Lana Animations Support/backup День тому
Aaric Plush Studios - plush videos and gaming yeah you are right
Berke Öztürk
Berke Öztürk День тому
Hem kaptan ölüyo hemde karakterler düzgün değil
Jarvis Dog
Jarvis Dog День тому
This feels like the whole game!
RED HOT CHILIES matinee День тому
why avengers face is different from old movie , i think actors will be change ? is it ?
Kyz tv
Kyz tv День тому
Wow is awesome
claro bonoan
claro bonoan День тому
After watching END GAME it's look like Cartooniss 😔
claro bonoan
claro bonoan День тому
What's inappropriate about it?
Pollo _WR
Pollo _WR День тому
Black Widow low-key looks like KittyPlays 😂
KanJGOO День тому
If when PS5 will come out, I get Avengers on PS5😁
Arman Lana Animations Support/backup
Arman Lana Animations Support/backup День тому
KanJGOO i don't think so cause PS5 will come out on 2030
This game needs to be redesigned
R Truth
R Truth День тому
May 2020 gives them plenty of time to fix black widows man face.
GamesterFin День тому
Where’s Hawkeye?
GamesterFin День тому
They should do spider man rescuing a school like in homecoming
Popeye The Sailor
Popeye The Sailor День тому
looking forward to this! :)
trí lê
trí lê День тому
1:21 Tony: where is my TANK MISSILE?!??
Arman Lana Animations Support/backup
Arman Lana Animations Support/backup День тому
trí lê you finally know that marvel was just joking it did never remove tony stark at all
Arman Lana Animations Support/backup
Arman Lana Animations Support/backup День тому
trí lê XDDDDDD
CustoMish День тому
I dont like the trailer tbh though.........
Arman Lana Animations Support/backup
Arman Lana Animations Support/backup День тому
CustoMish because cap died
Suraj Kumar
Suraj Kumar День тому
Ye to game h
Mike Lee
Mike Lee День тому
I’m a simple man No cap, no play And it’s not like mcu based so it looks bad
Zishan Ashfi
Zishan Ashfi День тому
I have seen this on a cartoon channel
DeltaCommand День тому
Ok, so first off y'all need to pay Disney to get the MCU look and maybe even the voice actors from the cartoon series. We've gotta have recognizable looks and voices. The Iron Man sections gotta be awesome, as does Thors'. Cuz the games we have for them belong in the trash. Graphically tho, this game looks awesome!!! And plz for the love of the Emperor make Black Widow look like a woman. Thx!
Re birth
Re birth День тому
Arman Lana Animations Support/backup
Arman Lana Animations Support/backup День тому
Re birth are you speaking japanese?
Kumar Kanhaiya
Kumar Kanhaiya День тому
Siddarath Singh
Siddarath Singh День тому
How far our imaginations can go?
Siddarath Singh
Siddarath Singh День тому
This is absolutely ridiculous
whatwhatwhat День тому
Thanks, I hate it
Yethish Y
Yethish Y День тому
Guys u have a big surprise
Yethish Y
Yethish Y День тому
I am cap
Arman Lana Animations Support/backup
Arman Lana Animations Support/backup День тому
Yethish Y are you sure you are steve rogers???
Official Videos
Official Videos День тому
Wow Marverl you are the best
ASMRtsy Omni
ASMRtsy Omni День тому
People sure do hate change. =P
Adam D84
Adam D84 День тому
Why is Thor called in the subtitles Door and Thorn😂
Amaan Ahmed
Amaan Ahmed День тому
414MrMilwaukee День тому
UAwomenrs: Nat face looks scary Sonic: IKR UAwomenrs: 😶
Hugo Vazquez
Hugo Vazquez День тому
I know this is just a game and I’m going to buy it but this is showing me that no one can ever replace Robert Downey Jr
414MrMilwaukee День тому
So Tom Cruise is Bruce Banner..... Nice👍
RunninS День тому
real time?
Alan Muñoz
Alan Muñoz День тому
I don't know how we will get used to not listening RDjr on that armour.
Roblox/CSGO Gaming
Roblox/CSGO Gaming День тому
The worst thing about this game is New voice actors not original actor from avengers films :((((
Red Bullet
Red Bullet День тому
Roblox/CSGO Gaming Isn’t that to be expected since it’s not connected to the MCU?
Vennexus День тому
This game is gonna play out as Spider-Man did. Not the story, but the graphics and fighting.
Clowns Claws and Coasters
Clowns Claws and Coasters День тому
Is this in xbox
PTR Squad
PTR Squad День тому
0:55 Ragnarok landing
ZOMBEAR День тому
Is ti a free roam
Dank День тому
No, please don't make this a railroad game
tene sri pranav
tene sri pranav День тому
I think that animation should be more better
Snehith Srt gamer
Snehith Srt gamer День тому
Ghostman Invisible
Ghostman Invisible День тому
It looks dumb
Da Main Mane
Da Main Mane День тому
How I imagined MUA 3 would look on next gen...Man was I wrong....
gox Lau
gox Lau День тому
The graphic has a long way to improve
Jamie Miller
Jamie Miller День тому
Game looks great so hyped cant wait i for one think it looks so fun
monica vuong
monica vuong День тому
Is that a game?
Rick From Planet Nipple
Rick From Planet Nipple День тому
Bruh. Where is Hawkeye?
Jijimol Raghunath
Jijimol Raghunath День тому
This Game Is For PC Or Mobile Or PS4
Jijimol Raghunath
Jijimol Raghunath День тому
Rest In Peace (RIP) Captain America In This Game
Tan День тому
Natasha looks.... terrible.
Satish Mishra
Satish Mishra День тому
Avengers game over
Bacari Pollard
Bacari Pollard День тому
Storyline gone be trash... why is they getting blamed for this when they is clearly set up, and what is their reaction to Captain America death 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂
Green Breeze
Green Breeze День тому
I just realized something black widow doesn’t have any powers or tech that enhances her abilities but yet they left out Hawkeye 😑 they better have a good excuse for this one
Anurag kumar
Anurag kumar День тому
chypp День тому
Yo why black widow got a chin like Logan Paul and the crimson chin had a child
joeh tom
joeh tom День тому
ArKieOK День тому
**insert depressed hawkeye here**
crankypipo День тому
"The avengers were everything i ever imagined" Yeah as gta V mods.
nay baskara
nay baskara День тому
Like game :( & nothing noobmaster 69
G00K День тому
should have been a Prototype 3 game instead. visuals are very Prototype vibe
tamil tech
tamil tech День тому
Im waiting
JoKe ToNg
JoKe ToNg День тому
The second ENDGAME...!!
Sabrina Bernardes
Sabrina Bernardes День тому
thor jesuix
THOR THOR День тому
I want to see thor in one more slow movie of thor...
Yog  Bakhru
Yog Bakhru День тому
See no complaints to marvel But just go and see the walkthrough of infamous 1st and 2nd of ps3, its graphic wont be this good but its amazing in its own way. Their plot is far better than what marvel provides
Lil Shenron
Lil Shenron День тому
Marvel:I'm going to ask you this one more time,Where's Hawkeye Square Enix:I'll do you one better WHO is Hawkeye Crystal Dynamics:I'll do you one better *WHY* is Hawkeye
POLAR_ BOI День тому
Lil Shenron 😂😂
Sohani Yadav
Sohani Yadav День тому
Very nice game
mr taco piggy
mr taco piggy День тому
Rip hawkeye
Araki Hisahsi
Araki Hisahsi День тому
This looks like it was made in 2011
Mike Walker
Mike Walker День тому
very generic sounding
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