LEARNING HOW TO ACT ft. Noah Schnapp

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Dolan Twins

Dolan Twins

2 місяці тому

In this episode of Out Of Our Comfort Zones we met up with Noah Schnapp, a professional actor who plays the part of WILL on the iconic show 'Stranger Things', to get some insights on what it's like to be an actor on the big screen and to learn out to become professional actors ourselves.
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a l i c e s i n g s
a l i c e s i n g s 4 години тому
why did the pickle scene low-key make me cry?
The Amazing Potato
The Amazing Potato 6 годин тому
Thxoandnsisndjsksjsksmdkskamsms it’s Noahhhh ahhhh
minimai 16 годин тому
Is it just me, or should Noah teach a 'MasterClass' on acting? It would be amazing!
minimai 16 годин тому
my nerves were sky-high throughout this whole video 😂
Juliya H.
Juliya H. 16 годин тому
17:56 only noah- I LOVE CRYING :)
Gilliam Vasquez
Gilliam Vasquez 16 годин тому
Grayson stole Emma from Ethan lmao😏🤫😂
Tessj _0506
Tessj _0506 17 годин тому
17:56 is such a mood
Sunny_ Saturday
Sunny_ Saturday 17 годин тому
Nobody: Literally nobody: Not a single soul: Not anyone on earth: Grayson: I lOsT mY sOn In ShOp RiTe Noah: *has fake panic attack* Me: *wheezes for an hour*
Callie Hewitt
Callie Hewitt 19 годин тому
So I show jump. Nerves are definitely a big to deal with, along with how pristine you and your horse look. Your feelings show in your horse, for example, if your calves and thighs are tense and tight your horse will start jumping awkwardly and it just doesn’t end well. What I really mean is nerves can get you neck broken 🤷‍♀️ that’s what happens. Just relax, breathe. Close your eyes and count to ten. Focus. Get exited, be positive. Then, when your round starts, knock it out of the ballpark and win! After tell your horse that it is the best horse in existence. 😁
Lucia Milla
Lucia Milla 22 години тому
I’m only see this vídeo because noah schnaap is in the vídeo .i’m 12 years old and l love noah. Pelase more vídeos Whith the best boy in the world.i’m spanish ❣️❤️❤️
Mariska 23 години тому
Noah: I love crying. (17:56)
Marta Figueiredo
Marta Figueiredo День тому
Noah appears here: 04:04
Nerdy Artist
Nerdy Artist День тому
Every single comment is about how cute Noah is but it's so true
Nerdy Artist
Nerdy Artist День тому
"I'm used to being stupid" Ethan 2019
EE’s World
EE’s World День тому
Noah is the best
Mackenzie Herrick
Mackenzie Herrick День тому
17:57 is he ok? lol jk
Jacobation 07
Jacobation 07 День тому
Best video ever wtf
Hanna Becirhodzic
Hanna Becirhodzic День тому
i am fucking 14 and there Noah is just being richer than i will ever be and me, a depressed ass potato just crying cuz i cant buy fucking gum.
isabella caudle
isabella caudle 2 дні тому
my friends ragan and mandy love that show and i love yall well yo gray
Wolfi_ee Productions
Wolfi_ee Productions 2 дні тому
Omg the sad scene made me cry! That was so good! AHHHHHHH 😂😭😭
Eve williams
Eve williams 2 дні тому
Grayson is actually a pretty good actor
K&A20 2 дні тому
Hahahahahahahaha omg pickles 😂
K&A20 2 дні тому
I do 8 4x 4 4x 2 4x then 1 4x
Winter Chan
Winter Chan 2 дні тому
Who else loved Noah acting like a mom 😂❤️
Ash Jarvis
Ash Jarvis 2 дні тому
I wouldn’t mind if Noah was my therapist lmao
Ananya Sanyal
Ananya Sanyal 2 дні тому
12:40 Noah is straight up acting like Joyce 😂
eden the egg
eden the egg 3 дні тому
17:56 "i love crying" lmao i feel you bro
Paris and M&M XPlayz
Paris and M&M XPlayz 3 дні тому
whos here for noah 😍😍😍 noah: ▪starts acting like joyce▪ me: i love him.
Leonie Germer
Leonie Germer 3 дні тому
I already started crying while the pickle scene🥺😂
Leonie Germer
Leonie Germer 3 дні тому
Can anyone say noah i Love him?🥺❤️
john superhist
john superhist 3 дні тому
He most be a fan of tom Holland
Mikeyla Rodriguez
Mikeyla Rodriguez 3 дні тому
13:28 oh gosh i thought Gray hit Noah in the face and i paused the video ans i was like "why"
Awesome Freer-Bacon
Awesome Freer-Bacon 3 дні тому
when noah said "i love crying" i wheezed
Alison W
Alison W 3 дні тому
I was laughing the whole sad scenes lmao
Esmeralda Hodges
Esmeralda Hodges 3 дні тому
Bro I’m fangirling that Ethan used my name 😱😱 19:00
Alison W
Alison W 3 дні тому
Ethan and Grayson: Noah: okay but Tom holla- Ethan and Grayson: Noah: Tom Holland did- Ethan and Grayson: Noah: yeah, Tom Holland was-
Ayvas Gacha
Ayvas Gacha 3 дні тому
**they talk about breathing** me:**remebers to breath**.......**stops breathing out of nowhere**
Hi Shrek
Hi Shrek 3 дні тому
“i love crying”. fucking same
Abigail Nelson
Abigail Nelson 3 дні тому
Noahs voice: 📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉
Thelma Pierrel
Thelma Pierrel 3 дні тому
I’ve cry when I saw Noah cry 😭
aliyah rose
aliyah rose 4 дні тому
Noah: hi Grayson” Ethan: no I’m Ethan” Noah ahh hi ethan💀
Luna Moon
Luna Moon 4 дні тому
If I was an actor I would just watch the last episode of Stranger Things and I'd be able to cry whenever 😭😭😭
Victoria Roluga
Victoria Roluga 4 дні тому
Who else never watches this channel but decided to watch this video because Noah was in it??
Cupcake Queen10
Cupcake Queen10 4 дні тому
I love how Noah is always keeping up with fashion😂❤️ 👇🏽
Marielle Pedie
Marielle Pedie 4 дні тому
When Noah said he was 14 I was life “💀💀 he’s a baby wtf”
ajulu nyang
ajulu nyang 4 дні тому
Ts is too funny
Rebeka Louis
Rebeka Louis 4 дні тому
noah: i love crying me: same
Annabelle Cox
Annabelle Cox 4 дні тому
At 17:57 Noah: I love crying It sounds so depressing lmao
Adrionna Davis
Adrionna Davis 4 дні тому
I can cry whenever but I’m not an actor lol
Melodie Hirst
Melodie Hirst 4 дні тому
so ethan is out of his comfort zone just filming a video. 😂😂😂
Emma G
Emma G 4 дні тому
Ok but ngl thought Noah was actually sad about the pickles and I was like... what, then I was like oh wait
aliya 4 дні тому
Omg my chorus teacher had us doing the counting warm up And instead of Peter we did mommy made me mash my Eminem’s oh my for our tongue twister
Kylie Cory
Kylie Cory 4 дні тому
I wish I could get a lesson with noah
Hailey 4 дні тому
Do cheer and Emma’s your coach, that would be awesome 😂😂
Hey It's Me GNWND
Hey It's Me GNWND 4 дні тому
the more I watch Noah on youtube, the more I love him in person. I used to be a gaten team. but now I'm Noah team. he is such a great actor. OMG
Ariana Ascention
Ariana Ascention 5 днів тому
“I don’t how how I can get through my life without pickles” 💀
Averrr 5 днів тому
Grayson: *happy about the scene* Ethan: *shook* Noah: “I love crying😀”
Emily Moua
Emily Moua 5 днів тому
noah: has his panic attack the twins: so like are we doing good... noah: twins: noah: wait what are we doing
DIY Slime Makers
DIY Slime Makers 5 днів тому
I do that 1 2 3 4 5 in choir
ASquared 5 днів тому
Ah! He mentioned Tom Holland again!!😍😍
A Trash Can
A Trash Can 5 днів тому
Noah: I love cRyiNg
Milli P
Milli P 6 днів тому
I watched stranger things before this and Noah you are honestly so good at making yourself cry
Naya Grahn
Naya Grahn 6 днів тому
3:02 i love these animations
Mahayla Shanell
Mahayla Shanell 6 днів тому
*Noah Schnapps 2019*-I LOVE CRYING!!!😄
Ella Jade
Ella Jade 6 днів тому
No one: No one ever: Noah: I LOvE CryInG
Ella Jade
Ella Jade 6 днів тому
Grayson- I though I was never going to eat a pickle again Now that’s over I’m so glad that I am Noah- I love crying
Jade Ortiz
Jade Ortiz 6 днів тому
Carolyn Walag
Carolyn Walag 6 днів тому
How did they meet the BEST ACTOR and not yell?? Tell me please. I would literally CRY!! I LOVE STRANGER THINGS!! 😄😄😄😁😁😝😝 HOW DO I MEET THEM TELL ME!!
Honey Bunny
Honey Bunny 6 днів тому
Noah: I love crying Me: *mood*
Save Andi Mack
Save Andi Mack 6 днів тому
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