Inside David Dobrik's $2.5M Los Angeles Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest

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Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest

24 дні тому

David Dobrik takes us on a tour of his $2.5M home in Los Angeles. His house features a functional flamethrower, an in-house recording studio and a thorough security system (a nail in a sliding glass door to prevent break-ins). David also shows us his cars, including his Ferrari and Tesla.
Read the story here:
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Inside David Dobrik's $2.5M Los Angeles Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest

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Architectural Digest
Architectural Digest 23 дні тому
Read the story about David's house here:
Lucas Montoya
Lucas Montoya 7 годин тому
What brother has a least and most favorite sibling
Tay-K 0_0
Tay-K 0_0 11 днів тому
2.6 million dollar house correction
Invicta 21 день тому
David Dobrik its just a measly 2.5m home no need to be snobbish and pompous about it. 🙄
Eden Massey
Eden Massey 2 години тому
It's cool for the people who really follow David and his videos because there's plenty of references to the Vlogs and I got them all!
Tea Spilt
Tea Spilt 2 години тому
anybody else noticed the juul pods 7:37
Jaden Moser
Jaden Moser 2 години тому
the amount of times he said ‘natalie my assistant’
Delia Dutkiewicz
Delia Dutkiewicz 2 години тому
The Little Fish i am so sorry for it behause his Glass is tiiinnyyy but Beautiful Home
Amanda Villatoro
Amanda Villatoro 3 години тому
I love David!!!💕💕💕 HI GUYS TINY UAwomenR HERE! Would love it if you gave me a chance?♥️🙈
SnowySomberAir 3 години тому
What happened at 8:14
Potatovids 7 годин тому
David is going to Heaven
Lucas Montoya
Lucas Montoya 7 годин тому
What brother has a least and most favorite sibling
Anton Madri
Anton Madri 7 годин тому
Great, now I want a Tesla
conner lamb
conner lamb 10 годин тому
I hate this guy
Kaya Martinez
Kaya Martinez 11 годин тому
david dobrik saying my name wow.
Elyas Hazareh
Elyas Hazareh 11 годин тому
you know your rich when you have people tying your shoes for you
Celimene 12 годин тому
I just want the Tesla...and the house
Ryan Walker
Ryan Walker 13 годин тому
“It’s not too modern” “Here is an iPad”
133M 14 годин тому
2.5M buys a shed in Australia
whoa there bro
whoa there bro 15 годин тому
You can tell how sad he is on the inside.. it makes me feel weird because this is how i act
Mendym 15 годин тому
How could you watch this video and not instintly subscribe to him.
Rektboilol 18 годин тому
2:26 *censors f word* 6:17 *doesn’t censor f word*
Gold Gold
Gold Gold 18 годин тому
Please don’t show me someone bleeding that much again, I almost fainted. Fake blood is ok, real blood from an injury, nope.
Mr.Trickster 19 годин тому
Cubs my favorite team
Judith Smith
Judith Smith 20 годин тому
David dope brick
Remix 20 годин тому
7:36 juul pod
Rijad Kadiric
Rijad Kadiric 21 годину тому
So we not gonna talk about the mango Juul pod
Klempo 22 години тому
"Not like too modern" *10 seconds later* "so heres my iPad" *hung on the wall*
Aram Manukyan
Aram Manukyan 22 години тому
What’s the name of his car
Ella Smith
Ella Smith 22 години тому
“It’s not too old, or too modern.” Pulls out an iPad from his wall
Chunky Mango
Chunky Mango День тому
Funniest day ever was the day he cut his hand open 😂
Iz zy
Iz zy День тому
did he rly just say “we don’t have a lot of fun here” has he seen his vlogs-
Luis. O
Luis. O День тому
David: I don’t drink David: I don’t drink David:i don’t drink
Cobrashi 08
Cobrashi 08 День тому
When David said we don't have a lot of fun around here. Me: WOWWW
Ada День тому
David: yeah we put a nail in the door cause we had a lot of break-ins also David: shows the view and basically gives directions to his house 😳
Ryann Tamai
Ryann Tamai День тому
Groundhog or gopher
Tsemy Baatuud
Tsemy Baatuud День тому
that american shoes part was funny hahaaha
TheOneAndOnly День тому
he'll brake anything he owns and say "oppsie, just a little break"
apoorv singh
apoorv singh День тому
You should do one with Jake Paul
bleach День тому
he called snoop dogg his grandma
AH. День тому
This was awkward and uncomfortable but i loved it
Pepa Námořník
Pepa Námořník День тому
No one:.... David: *ha haha*
Kimi День тому
Hahahaha He's so funny... he just called a neon sign LED...
James T.
James T. День тому
So this tool got a 2.5M$ house for being a " star " on youtube. This world is broken ...
Xtra Gay
Xtra Gay День тому
hate it when i go out to play pool and forget my flamethrower
anonymous Lady
anonymous Lady День тому
Hi AD...this is DD😅
XBLXxR1fleManxX День тому
You've got a san pedro!!! BREW PARTY HMU!!
FrodyDog Geon Music
FrodyDog Geon Music День тому
Ther s a whole camera crew, I thought is was just the camera guy but nope
Camren Booth
Camren Booth День тому
Anyone else notice that his toothbrush was in the shower and his shampoo was on his sink?
David Faker
David Faker День тому
I love how david just roasted u guys about the show being alive 😂😂😂
David Faker
David Faker День тому
Hahaahha David just called snoop his gramma 😂😂😂
Mina Ema Cyprichova
Mina Ema Cyprichova День тому
7:20 slovenskoooo
Hushvanderwaal xx
Hushvanderwaal xx 2 дні тому
Why is no one taking about the fact that he uses 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner
Isabela Pereira Costamilan de Luna
Isabela Pereira Costamilan de Luna 2 дні тому
but why cant he tie his shoes?
Ajay J.
Ajay J. 2 дні тому
Casually just says "oh here is my flame thrower"😂
Jordan Wrick
Jordan Wrick 2 дні тому
“mall grabs skateboard”
Mads Winther
Mads Winther 2 дні тому
If he ever need someone to tie his shoes after Nat leaves. Call me
nosaj03 2 дні тому
That's a really nice house. Who is David Dobrik?
H S 2 дні тому
I kinda feel like the Great Depression might happen again in like the next decade or so because of all the (famous rich) people spending everything
Hips Schuchart
Hips Schuchart День тому
I completely agree. Although the older richer men/women usually offer to help or usually.
Irfan Mohiuddin
Irfan Mohiuddin 2 дні тому
xorig1n 2 дні тому
He can’t tie his own shoes 😂
Laithan Kent
Laithan Kent 2 дні тому
7:36 the mango juul pod
LilZumb 2 дні тому assistant assistant assistant assistant assistant assistant assistant assistant assistant assistant assistant assistant assistant assistant assistant assistant assistant assistant assistant assistant assistant assistant assistant assistant assistant assistant assistant assistant assistant assistant assistant
Theluckydrone YT
Theluckydrone YT 2 дні тому
IRID3SC3NT SkyH4wk 2 дні тому
IRID3SC3NT SkyH4wk 2 дні тому
Did anyone notice his dad looks identical to Patrick Swayze in that photo.
gatchalover_2019 tehehe
gatchalover_2019 tehehe 2 дні тому
He is 23?? DAMN HE GROWS UP SO FAST 😭 love you David you just get older and older it's breaking my hear to see I've been watch you since Vine and your already 23 this year it's mind-blowing just know that I love your videos and your dope in every way and so kind you friends are lucky to even be your friend
BlueJimmie48Fan 2 дні тому
1:13 Now we know why he is playing Axel in Angry Birds 2 :)
Lily Shepard
Lily Shepard 2 дні тому
who spotted the juul pods
John Baker
John Baker 2 дні тому
You crazy time stop in USA
John Baker
John Baker 2 дні тому
You have too more learn o USA
John Baker
John Baker 2 дні тому
You have too more learn o USA
John Baker
John Baker 2 дні тому
cinnamon rolls are hard but i tried
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