Hiring Someone to RATE How I Eat

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Morgan Adams

Morgan Adams

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moonlitflavia 2 години тому
Am I the only one that has known about etiquette at the table since I was a child?? I was blown away when morgan and ryland were surprised to hear about resting your forearms on the table and having good posture cause it's second nature to me and I'm not considered 'higher class.'🙈
Samantha Speaks
Samantha Speaks 2 години тому
I liked before watching because i knew itd be funny 😂
lilyth 13 годин тому
I don't understand you americans: *WHY do you eat butter and bread before meals?!*
loney asmr
loney asmr 19 годин тому
Morgan says i could have taco sauce drippy down my tit 0:48
Cloud Shadows
Cloud Shadows День тому
Aisha A
Aisha A 2 дні тому
Lol I love it 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mishell Coronel
Mishell Coronel 2 дні тому
This was so funny 😂
Katie Slattery
Katie Slattery 3 дні тому
alright when she asked how long she's been married, I literally thought it my head 36 years a second before Morgan said it. I am shook
Alisha Hope
Alisha Hope 3 дні тому
This gave me so much tips. My partner roasts the crap out of me every time we eat out because I eat like.. Well a Maori lol.. 😂
lucy vis
lucy vis 3 дні тому
I thought that was how everyone held cutlery
Cale Lambert
Cale Lambert 3 дні тому
So.....How long HAS she been married?!? I can't sleep until I find this out LoL
So Peachy Cute
So Peachy Cute 3 дні тому
😂😂😂this video is beyond amazing . they need to go with shaneee
Hannah Freeman
Hannah Freeman 4 дні тому
I would fail out of this so fast.
Tim McDonnell
Tim McDonnell 4 дні тому
We just got free lessons
graduated fool
graduated fool 4 дні тому
My mom always taught me to eat a lot like these “rules” and for me it is almost a casual thing. She always told me these were basic table manners, not even for fancy places
Fouad Aljoari
Fouad Aljoari 4 дні тому
Hi, can I get to know you Miss Morgan, I'm from Iraq
Kyla Bozemon
Kyla Bozemon 4 дні тому
“That was a big sip”
Marvin Mckenzie
Marvin Mckenzie 4 дні тому
someone send her to Trisha Paytas lol
deRochaDidIt 4 дні тому
They don't sell this at Party City.
meat blanket
meat blanket 5 днів тому
They payed $100 each for that lesson and we have it for free😁
Erika Garibay
Erika Garibay 5 днів тому
Can she teach me how to walk in heels???
Erika Garibay
Erika Garibay 5 днів тому
Ryland lowkey dragged her on her age lmao
Anjellike1 5 днів тому
14:37 Morgan I think you two just shared a bit of a connection there.....Im jealous!!!!^_^
Layla Harper
Layla Harper 5 днів тому
Like ships that go out to sea, I spoon my soup away from me And when the soup has left the bowl, I cram the soup into my hole
Camilla Leon
Camilla Leon 5 днів тому
I love drunk Ryland
Camille G.
Camille G. 5 днів тому
They're basically learning how to eat when you're in a normal family gathering in France btw
delina 5 днів тому
i just wanna know how many years she has been married
Josemaria Acosta
Josemaria Acosta 5 днів тому
just found out I've been eating right my whole life haha
Alyssa Dominguez
Alyssa Dominguez 5 днів тому
“This mukbang is lit” “wait it’s what?”
Jocelyn Hewitt
Jocelyn Hewitt 5 днів тому
i cannot believe she said your skirt was “on the shorter side” like what the fuck😂😂😂
Becky Thornton
Becky Thornton 6 днів тому
“Or worse they’ll put it in their plate” but honey the waiter/waitress doesn’t want to touch your dirty napkin it’s so much easier just to scoop up the whole plate
Siena _thegirl
Siena _thegirl 6 днів тому
Once they hit around 10:30 it was chaos
Valerie Valle
Valerie Valle 6 днів тому
"The only time someone has pulled a chair for me is when they have pulled my chair from UNDER me to let me fall" HAHAHAHAHA OMG I THAT IS MEEEEEEE HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Aayan Safwan
Aayan Safwan 6 днів тому
The lady looks like an actress
Ember Celica
Ember Celica 6 днів тому
Ryland: "What if I wanna get the remnants?" Me: Remnants. Remnant. RWBY. *Vale* *AtLaS* *JaMeS irOnwOoD*
Xander Kyle
Xander Kyle 6 днів тому
5:50 yes when Shane becomes president #Vote4Shane2024
gqn2008 6 днів тому
Erii Riversong
Erii Riversong 6 днів тому
soooooooo ratchet xD
Kenziex 6 днів тому
If only Garret was in this video, there'd be a lot of Garrett in this vid.
carniカーン 6 днів тому
I don't need to hire anyone to tell me that I eat like a pig because I already know.
Dan Smith
Dan Smith 7 днів тому
She is so patient and sweet
Bella Currie
Bella Currie 7 днів тому
Having good manners doesn’t hurt and it is super important if you’re in a sales role or run your own business. My mum also said it doesn’t hurt to know how to eat around the queen.
Erin Tank
Erin Tank 7 днів тому
Now we don’t have to pay $100 for a lesson
Mel Rose
Mel Rose 7 днів тому
Ryland is LITTY
hyaga beesh
hyaga beesh 7 днів тому
I wanna see what happens when tequila is in action
Pineapplegirl 8 днів тому
Now the thing is in Chinese culture you absolutely can lift the bowl to your face as it’s a sign of respect indicating you think the food is good
Lizbeth Perez
Lizbeth Perez 8 днів тому
I thought these were common sense ... no?
Kiwi 31
Kiwi 31 8 днів тому
Was Andrew filming? And did he eat or just watch them eat and try not to laugh??
AJ AJ 8 днів тому
Roland has me DYING
kallie bourgeois
kallie bourgeois 8 днів тому
When your from the south and this doesn’t concern you 😂😂
Andrea Romario
Andrea Romario 8 днів тому
When Morgan’s straps kept falling 😂😂
HuffleFluff 8 днів тому
Now Veronica Wang needs to do this.
Bea Bonilla
Bea Bonilla 9 днів тому
I have to say I slept on watching this but as I’m watching now I’m glad I did. I agree that the teacher lady was nice and not stuffy I thought I was gonna get a full video of a teacher being all judgy and i realized that my grandma taught us “continental” manners🤓
Ba Ri
Ba Ri 9 днів тому
Now i get why baby boomers were so strict about table ettique. Im Late 40s and know and eat like this mostly but my children Morgans age are clueless. Because i was lax on table manners for my kids as i remembered what a drag it was as a kid. Thisvis the result.......Worldwide.
tamia inaliel
tamia inaliel 9 днів тому
i'm living for the subtle rainbow reflection on ryland's face @ 4:33 what a fabulous gay queen 🌈
YourMomIsAPerra 9 днів тому
do more vids with her!!!! she was amazing
IbKinHaan 9 днів тому
Do more of these!
Sofia Caldwell
Sofia Caldwell 10 днів тому
IM CRYING. IM CRYING. "I shoved a whole roll in my mouth in 5th grade and had to get the Heimlich from the lunch lady" IM SCREASMMINGGGG!!!
Sofia Caldwell
Sofia Caldwell 10 днів тому
SCREAMING!!! "You lost your strap, sweetheart"
Savannah Mohart
Savannah Mohart 10 днів тому
Okay I actually find this very helpful just because I do think it’s very respectful if you have proper manners at the dinner table with your friends or even family.
Reina Arana
Reina Arana 10 днів тому
andrea curran
andrea curran 10 днів тому
Literally it's Morgan getting criticised for 18 minutes straight 😂😂
DuxFeminaFacti 10 днів тому
I want to be friends with this lady.
T Cuboyd
T Cuboyd 10 днів тому
"Taco Sauce dripping down into my tits" **I AM READY** for this video...
Meredith Haydel
Meredith Haydel 11 днів тому
Ryland: This Mukbang is lit Lisa: *wait It's what*
Zoe Vazquez
Zoe Vazquez 11 днів тому
Why is Morgan my spirit animal? 🤣❤️
Jillian Yancey
Jillian Yancey 11 днів тому
wait so how long has she been married
Deleted channel
Deleted channel 11 днів тому
As if im watching this while eating chips in my stained top in bed 🤣
Katie Garner
Katie Garner 11 днів тому
Why was the fact that Morgan’s strap kept falling so absolutely hilarious to me
I believe I learned this in home ec. Deff not at home.
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