Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 6 | Preview (HBO)

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The final season of Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9PM on HBO.

MK 4 години тому
GoT used to be my favorite TV show like you, Then I took an arrow in the knee.
dunke kunter
dunke kunter 4 години тому
s8 e3-6 is a full disastre in terms of storytelling and burning a beautiful show into the ashes! the hole battletactics stupid as fuck...the way actors has to act was most of the time stupid as fuck...i dont like arya killing the nk instand - the hole nk plot was too big for that - i would have loved to see that it turnes out that the nk is bran or something with a much bigger and deeper inpact for the hole plot...the nk is a big force of nature from the children of the forest and the show did not really honores that at all. the whole thing of s7&8 did not do justice to the great got universe at all and it leaves true fans of the story and show empty! suck my balls d&d you are suckers!
dunke kunter
dunke kunter 4 години тому
s8 e3-6 is a full disastre in terms of storytelling and burning a beautiful show into the ashes! the hole battletactics stupid as fuck...the way actors has to act was most of the time stupid as fuck...i dont like arya killing the nk instand - the hole nk plot was too big for that - i would have loved to see that it turnes out that the nk is bran or something with a much bigger and deeper inpact for the hole plot...the nk is a big force of nature from the children of the forest and the show did not really honores that at all. the whole thing of s7&8 did not do justice to the great got universe at all and it leaves true fans of the story and show empty! suck my balls d&d you are suckers!
#Sam_SamRaaT ParaShari
#Sam_SamRaaT ParaShari 6 годин тому
Maha jhantu
#Sam_SamRaaT ParaShari
#Sam_SamRaaT ParaShari 6 годин тому
I hate episodes 6 story
#Sam_SamRaaT ParaShari
#Sam_SamRaaT ParaShari 6 годин тому
End is very bad
Niemand 6 годин тому
I liked everything, I don’t get the haters. I loved the end. For me it is the greatest story ever..
Faker Raging Fanboy
Faker Raging Fanboy 6 годин тому
I expected a complete shitfest of a season, but this still negatively disappointed me.
Baxerious 7 годин тому
zero to hero: Hercules hero to zero:John Snow
Nurg0 11 годин тому
"We'll write the worst conclusion in human history so George has to finish the books if he wants to have a legacy"
S T 11 годин тому
Hodor should be the king (wtf is going on)
Nico Odeku
Nico Odeku 11 годин тому
If you notice, jon never wanted to fuck her again after he knew she was his aunt.
Gabriel Narag
Gabriel Narag 11 годин тому
That's why the fans hated this season because Dan and Dave murdered it. The writers ruined the plot and the character development of this show. So stupid and disappointed.
Julissa Torres
Julissa Torres 11 годин тому
That was the worse I've ever seen. I thought people were going crazy saying that it was a bad final episode, but when I got the chance to see it, it was a real dissapointment. All these years claiming to be the best serie ever just to murder it like that. We (fans) were not rushing to see the end of it. Such a pitty!
humble casey
humble casey 12 годин тому
A Quick Take from me, a video one minute and 33 seconds long,
Rust 12 годин тому
What if being a stark and being reanimated still lets them have free will like benjen stark, and if an alternative outcome of season 8 episode 3 scene between the night king and Jon plays out with Jon sword fighting the Night King but dying, Night King resurrects the dead again upon entry of Winterfell but Jon remains half dead like Benjen free willed suprising the Night king at the weirwood tree scene catching NK off guard instead of Arya kill scene, Arya could then have instead her major kill being Cercei.
Liza Leon
Liza Leon 12 годин тому
So, Bran knew that Dany would kill innocent people and did nothing, because he wanted to become a king so much or? Anyway no one was angry at him. Without Dany they couldn’t have taken the King’s Landing. So they used her and killed. Even Jaime didn’t kill crazy Cersei. I’ve waited this season so long, and what? This season was so stupid and disappointing. There r so many questions without answers. Thank you very much!
Syriha Esmeralxda
Syriha Esmeralxda 13 годин тому
Menuda payasada de final... Dejen de reirse del público. Menos mal que no pagué por verlo.
Santiago Visci
Santiago Visci 13 годин тому
You should fire D.& D. for ever. I wont spend money in your channel anymore until they get fired
Denis A.
Denis A. 14 годин тому
The truth is everyone hate and blame last episode, because of Daenerys. I gave dislike!!! I hate Last season and Last episode for that. Everyone felt Daenerys Pain and feel bad for her. At the end what? Knife in hearth.... No comment...
tijanica 14 годин тому
So stupid end, so John seems the biggest loser. Instead of being the king. I really hate the end of this show.
HamDenVilde6 14 годин тому
Jon Snow a.k.a. THE QUEEN SLAYER!!!!
IbeAwesome 14 годин тому
So fucking disappointing. Fuck you Dan and Dave
Matt Davis
Matt Davis 15 годин тому
Send Sam back to the fucking wall with Jon you idiot writers. He took the black and he didn't die and get resurrected you idiots.
Ирина Т
Ирина Т 16 годин тому
Такое ощущение что вам надоело снимать сериал и вы решили вот так по тупому закончить его, самая дебильная и неадекватная концовка, даже не смотрела последнюю серию из-за вас идиотов
Sekar Aurellya
Sekar Aurellya 16 годин тому
So what's the purpose of Bran's vision, The Night King, and White Walkers..... There's so many questions in my head right now
mosquitobight 17 годин тому
Shakespeare would have written "A dragon, a dragon, my kingdom for a dragon!"
Ryan Rax
Ryan Rax 18 годин тому
The ending was shity I'll give it that, but if they just added one last thing it would be a good ending. Zoom out, zoom out again from the map of westeros, the camera goes up to the sky and then we'll find out that they were living in a giant's blue eye in a bigger world from the beginning. Now that's an ending...
Roman Ivanov
Roman Ivanov 18 годин тому
2 года ждать что бы увидеть это.отвратительный сезон.
Natalentia 13 годин тому
google переводчик в помощь
Christopher Beato
Christopher Beato 18 годин тому
I hope MELIZANDRA revive khal drogo long time ago, and revive daenerys.. to make twist
Саид, поджигай!
Саид, поджигай! 18 годин тому
Ok, what YOU expected in the end?
Āðexe 19 годин тому
Where is Inside the Episode 6??
Dom 19 годин тому
d&d should get blacklisted in hollywood for what they've done
Atakan Mıdık
Atakan Mıdık 20 годин тому
Come on cowards release the inside of episode video we won’t cut you
jeconiaclara c
jeconiaclara c 20 годин тому
drogon's scene with dany when she died is the reason i'm not fully hating the final ep
MrPikachu YT
MrPikachu YT 23 години тому
Hold the do... wait... Fuck the door Fuck the throne Fuck the king
Taylor Regnier
Taylor Regnier День тому
Im sorry HBO but you ruined what couldve been an EPIC!
Taylor Regnier
Taylor Regnier День тому
Just when I thought a series can be better than books then, season 7 and 8 happened.
Mayank Shah
Mayank Shah День тому
if dany can vanish the kings landing in 1 day, she could have done it before as well with 3 dragons by her side, without giving any truce trial with cersie and loosing the dragon beyond the wall for bringing the proof of dead, without dead dragon they could have also defended using the wall , as there wont be dragon for night's king to destroy the wall, meanwhile dany after winning the king's landing could have joined the john when they might be loosing to the night's king and using all 3 dragons alive, she and john along with other characters could have defeated night's king. in current version: Dany who helped everyone to defeat the night's king, with all her forces, got killed just beacause she has destroyed the kings landing, she would have won the kings landing before also just beacause of the john she helped him to defeat the dead, she loose the dragons for them, she was there to win the thrown which she could have done before also without going to north with john, it feels like everyone betrayed her also the john at last betrayed her telling her to be queen of him and killing her moment after , pathetic, what message ultimately you have , as nothing is proven right in the season 8 emotionally after our attachment to it for last 8 years hope, love, care, courage all got killed jealous, dumb, weak, idle people won the thrown over them
Ariel Star
Ariel Star День тому Arya and Gendry are just done-sies?
idi m
idi m День тому
loved it till the last second! I watch movies for so long that I know what will happen according to where the camera stands! Thank God there’s nothing like that in this film. I would call it perfect alike! Goodbye GoT :'( There are fans of pop music and there are fans of jazz, but unfortunately there are more fans of pop. Thanks for playing jazz
Musa SB
Musa SB День тому go through this for the remake of season 8.
Musa SB
Musa SB День тому
Thank the dumbass show writers for ruining dany's story.They ruined the story by making her go mad in my opinion.Making her go mad was the complete opposite of what her character was,She was supposed to be different from her father. Her going mad was the most predictable twist since the first season.Since the start of the show she only killed slavers and tyrants. And after 1 ep she goes mad and kills innocent people, innocent children. If she killed cersei it still would've made sense,Sure she lost a lot but so did tyrion jon and many others. Her going mad was the one thing they didnt have to do cause it ruins her character development.Thats my point. They could've made it in 10 ep and develop the story better than rushing it. they just ruined everything in the last episode... season 8 was very much disappointing. Poor Script!!! 😑 Thanks for destroying the whole joy of the series. 😡
Arnold said What?
Arnold said What? День тому
You can’t make everyone happy, sure... But you could at least try to do something! IDIOTS!!
Karenina87 День тому
Totalmente decepcionada, rehagan la temporada 🙏🏼
BnW - Motivation
BnW - Motivation День тому
Season 1:W Season 2:I Season 3:N Season 4:T Season 5:E Season 6:R Season 7:I Season 8:S COMING
Jean-Sébastien Faure
Jean-Sébastien Faure День тому
What is the music please?
Romeo День тому
So Jon Snow was a Targaryen... for no fucking reason. Bran became the 3 eyed raven... for no fucking reason. Dany did amazing things for 8 seasons... For no fucking reason. Prince who was promised... No fucking reason. Everyone you wanted to team up for 8 seasons teams up... For no fucking reason. Brandon fucking Stark no one gives a shit about, is king... Why? For no fucking reason thats why. I've watched GOT since 2011... For no fucking reason.
Murat Asci
Murat Asci День тому
One of the films discredited by screenwriters. (David Benioff and D. B. Weiss)
colmc1989 День тому
One touch is all it takes Making history Pickfords on his knees DIV-OCK OR-IGI
Роман Кэлей
Роман Кэлей День тому
D&D: quick guide how to kill the entire show with one episode
Rahul Messi
Rahul Messi День тому
It wasn’t that bad!!
bluey День тому
spoiler alert *peppa pig dies in the endgame*
Neddy Stark
Neddy Stark День тому
Danearys is murdered by Jon and Bran wins the Throne...there you go, you dont need to watch this tripe now.
Asesino del sueño
Asesino del sueño День тому
Movie fetishists! The screen addicts who seem to depend on scenarios that do not coincide with the fictional and the reality, are marginal-looking parasites! !
Muneeb Dar
Muneeb Dar День тому
Please remake the finale
Veron Austin DJOUKANG-II NGUEKEN День тому
It should e called game of trash what fucking mess up is this seriously the main caractère is banished thank God I didn't wait for it like others did seriously game of ass you mean
Tasneem Ahemd
Tasneem Ahemd День тому
Then it's April 2nd and there are no disclaimers that this was a joke. Me: panic 100
Nicolas Carmagniole
Nicolas Carmagniole День тому
I wasted nine years watching this. Though I can say all these episodes were great except for this final episode which was very disappointing.
Orlando Paixão
Orlando Paixão День тому
Terrível.....maior decepção!
The Shadow
The Shadow День тому
Tbh this was worse than endgame and I thought endgame was rushed.
Aditya Ranadivea
Aditya Ranadivea День тому
WHAT JUST HAPPENED??? . . . . . .After seeing the movie
Reza Mensori
Reza Mensori День тому
Hi, do not be tired. I've had an analysis for the season of the GameF towers New King: The first problem with Burn's person is that he did not give us much information about his powers. For example, the series does not have a clear answer to Bern's message of everything. In response to Thieron's request for a Waldsman ruling, "Thinking why you got this all this way up here?" Well, this sentence is enough for many. Believe that everything was happening, from Knight King's death to Danny's madness and death to life and everything else in the world, and he only allowed everything as it should go. The next problem is with Bern. It's almost nothing that you do in chapter eight. It's just a corner, and the strange and unbelievable looks of it do it! Worst of all, your most sensitive moment in human history (Knight King attack) is entering the wow! so what? Ariya Yeah What happened to the adventurer and she wanted to go to see her friends? Where did this idea come from? Someone thought about it at all! We saw that a bottle of water was left in the scene where the council chose the new king! The end of the end of Season 8 is over as if it were the next season, for example, when the Dragon picked up Danny and went on to say that you can find the dragon. When Thyrion said he might find the future, Berne said the future saw, while Bern is the same as in your choice of King He said you thought why he got this coming from here, so he certainly knew where the dragon was ... Ariya Jehou has traveled. This may be a new chapter, or if Knight King had said in her interview that I did not see you so easily because she was very comfortable ... Like the jailbreak series, how many years have you been in a new season? It's likely that the next season will work.
satnam singh maan
satnam singh maan День тому
They ended series in short for money, the bastards must have got paid high for star wars,, i will never watch anything made by them, i never ask this from people but please never watch anything made by dumb and dumber, may they burn in hell 😭
Liu Kang
Liu Kang День тому
I'm the only one who feels s8 didn't fill me up with wat I expected,,and NK getting killed by dick dagger after getting hyped for 4yrs
Superfranco День тому
Robson B. Dias
Robson B. Dias День тому
INCOMPETENT ROUTINES. Without the crutch of BOOKS they can not make an interesting story.
Nikoletta Leila Slezák
Nikoletta Leila Slezák День тому
A kedvenc sorozaton
Lamy Br
Lamy Br День тому
Where is the video inside the episode of episode 6 ?
Call me karma
Call me karma День тому
So many unaswered questions, what a disappointing season...
shoaib День тому
So it was Sansa stark who leaked season 8 episodes with her fiance ....... As she did with john snow
Daria Daria
Daria Daria День тому
John Cena
John Cena День тому
Spoiler boy here House Stark wins Sansa queen of winterfell😂😂😂😂😙
Dank Memester2.0
Dank Memester2.0 День тому
Game of thrones, more like gay of thrones XD
Daeng Makassar
Daeng Makassar День тому
You fucking kidding me D&D
Kostas Bakas
Kostas Bakas День тому
Gloam Crawler
Gloam Crawler День тому
Quite frankly this last season sucked bad. But how could it end well though? George RR Martin hasn't even finished the series yet! They ran out of source material. They have no idea how the fight with the Night King will really end, who he is, what he wants, the significance of the pinwheel design, how a "reborn" Azor Ahai will play into it and who will he be. They have no idea how Martin plans to have the stories of the major characters go, who he intends to have on the iron throne, if anyone. All they could do when the source material ran out was make shit up. Honestly, this is George RR Martin's fault. I mean come on, he had EIGHT YEARS to finish the books and still hasn't. Are you kidding me? WFT George?
강태공 День тому
D&D hate u
Tomislav День тому
I watched this show only beacuse of Bronn character, and he was nowere last 3 episodes and then suddently he becames master of coin?
Sadako0663 День тому
Худший сезон, худший финал. Никчемные сценаристы, разрушенные надежды. Жаль что Дейнерис не сожгла все, так сериал хотя бы отчасти удалось бы спасти.
Jimmy Tsai
Jimmy Tsai День тому
HBO is finished.
Kauê Pereira
Kauê Pereira День тому
Why?? Why did you rush 3 or 4 seasons in 6 episodes?? Why D&D? Why are you this selfish?
StahliBoi День тому
Is this an out of season April Fools joke
Dionis Leev
Dionis Leev День тому
Did Drogon realize that Jon killed Dani? If so, how? Why did he torch the Throne and not Jon?
Bhoomika Kataria
Bhoomika Kataria День тому
They did not show,that how The Night King was made 🙄
panggop jio
panggop jio День тому
What a shit show finale........ I need my refund
K Jensen Mathews
K Jensen Mathews День тому
K Jensen Mathews
K Jensen Mathews День тому
For me this is "Lost" all over again. Remember that pile of steaming turd, well now you are right up there! Well done for screwing up one of the 'could have been' greatest stories ever
Wafaduck День тому
Anyone here after Game Of Thrones ended 😭😭😭
minimalismu День тому
you GoT to be kidding me
Alexey Severin
Alexey Severin День тому
So, the best choice was a ruler that can know everything... about anyone... at any given time? Nice message guys. Welcome to GOT 1984!
Worst finale for the best Serie of all times. Worst ending ever. Like is feel me!
Test Account
Test Account День тому
Feels like Rian Johnson helped write season 8.
ETA THETA trolls
ETA THETA trolls День тому
What a shitty ending : I have a better ending ;Jon Snow frees Tyrion ;DANY gets mad and sentence Jon death by fire ;At the scene whole world wants to see Jon executed ;DANY says Dracarys to BURN Jon ;Jon lives through the fire because of legendary blood ;At that moment everybody finds out he is the rightful heir ; DANY goes mad and orders greyworm to kill Jon ;Looking at greyworm as threat Drogon burns him into ashes ;The war is over . DANY is furious and Then Sansa arrives and she wants the mad queen to die ;But then Jon snow steps in and saves DANY ;And sails off with her with the dragon ;He gives the throne to BRAN STARK In the end scene you see both them between DROGONS tail happy . And in the king's landing stark dynasty rules the seven kingdom That's how they should have ended it
Cathal День тому
I'd rather see Homer Simpson sit the throne then watch that fucking abomination of an ending I just read
emil posselt
emil posselt День тому
So in summary, Arya went west, Jon went north, Drogon went east, and the show went south.
Farhod Sameev
Farhod Sameev День тому
Макс Воробьёв
Макс Воробьёв День тому
With the end of Game of Thrones it's like we all loose our best friend...heartbroken
Lord Satanas
Lord Satanas День тому
Fuck this episode! Fuck off!
Al Dali
Al Dali День тому
season 9 ... counting
spartan kick
spartan kick День тому
I would rather watch dragonball evolution to this shit
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