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today, when teacher says pick a partner, teen girls when power goes out in class room, when quiet kid in class gets upset lol, sonic the hedgehog & avengers end game movie memes smh

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Clumsy Місяць тому
*You have 3 wishes...*
ビールMarshy 9 днів тому
#DDM Me: I was wish that animal abuse will be gone in 1 second
Mansur Diese
Mansur Diese 21 день тому
That my crush loves me, That my crush loves me, That my crush loves me.
NGMFakeFilms Місяць тому
#DDM Me: *wishes for free money* Genie: *gives 6 dollars* Everybody disliked that
Iyram Zen
Iyram Zen Місяць тому
Me:I wish for thanos to live again Genie: that is beyond my power, ask someting else Me:ok, then i wish for purple guy with infinity glove to live Genie:ok (boom hes back) Genie:what have i done!!!(looks at me) Me:👌👌👌
Aa A
Aa A Місяць тому
I wish for a rebirth of way more dead games.
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson 2 години тому
3:19 the bottom two are the same just on is on a screen and one is in real life
Amy Whaley
Amy Whaley 9 годин тому
4:46 I'm that girl.
MI Gaming
MI Gaming 17 годин тому
#DDM Aladeen: into black magic, has a cursed enchanted carpet, bangs princess jasmine and has a literal jinn to fulfill his wishes Everybody: What a good children's movie
Lukas Kick
Lukas Kick 18 годин тому
I once got friendzoned by a girl with cat ears.
Terraria Bossatron Prime
Terraria Bossatron Prime 18 годин тому
DDM: when your teachers says she picked teams and you stare at your homies all depressed
Shannon Suckling
Shannon Suckling День тому
not mr electric now deserves veterans discount but that isn’t a thing in australia #DDM
Jerry Eakright
Jerry Eakright День тому
Someone: how poor are you Me: yes Someone: ... Me:😏 #DDM
Foxythepirate38 День тому
Whats the meme name 8:37
Ashton Hundt
Ashton Hundt День тому
Sonic E.X.E
Sonic E.X.E День тому
Random dude : starts to break dance Kid:oH MY gOd ForTniTE Me:#DDM👍 Subbed Doctor Doggo:You are diagnosed with a lot of healthy Me:WTF man Holy Doggo : go in peace,mass is ended Safety Doggo : it aint much but its honest work
Sonic E.X.E
Sonic E.X.E День тому
I wish #DDM im sad
lol king kivario
lol king kivario 2 дні тому
Golde Mike
Golde Mike 2 дні тому
#DDM i jusat want the voice to say scribly ribley whoblie doo
Steven Miller
Steven Miller 2 дні тому
Aine Joubert
Aine Joubert 2 дні тому
Genie: You have 3 wishes. Me: I wish you were bad at math. Genie: Ok now you have 0 wishes left. Me: Crap.
Mary Roberson
Mary Roberson 2 дні тому
#DDM My teacher:*spells AND says meh name wrong* Me:Uhhhhhh that is NOT how meh name is spelled Meh friends:Well then we need to teach the teacher to spell AND say her name THANKS FAM!
Zombie 105
Zombie 105 2 дні тому
4:39 oh I think that might be me
Märt poiss
Märt poiss 3 дні тому
#DDM Magic man : you have tree Me : i oak My Dad next to me : (does not exist) Magic man : you're is my command... Me : block! My mom reading this : what the hell is this
christian coggins
christian coggins 3 дні тому
5:56 i forgot his name but he's from shark boyband lava girl
William Orozco
William Orozco 3 дні тому
#DDM Genie:You have 3 wishes Me:I wish to be featured on Dank Doodle Memes Genie:Okay you still have 3 wishes left, That ones on me
Lily Gulledge
Lily Gulledge 3 дні тому
#ddm Me:pushes push pop in after finishing it* FBI:open up
The Worm Tentras
The Worm Tentras 3 дні тому
5:56 Like if you also remember shark boy and lava girl.
LittleTG44 3 дні тому
LittleTG44 3 дні тому
LittleTG44 3 дні тому
master chief
master chief 3 дні тому
Brit NelsonLewis
Brit NelsonLewis 4 дні тому
Me:hi gem Gem:i can speak Me:im sad only one thing feft to do but kill my evil pet
Pedro 3
Pedro 3 3 дні тому
Brit NelsonLewis tf? 😂 😂 😂
Bendedo Dorito
Bendedo Dorito 4 дні тому
#DDM When your teacher teaches you how use commas by eating grandma Grandma: a small price to pay for education
WOLF CLAN 5 днів тому
I subscribed and got sick the next day
Toluwani Olasope
Toluwani Olasope 5 днів тому
Braxton And Jaxon Olivares
Braxton And Jaxon Olivares 5 днів тому
Clumsy:hashtag to get featured Everyone else:i see this is a absolute win Me: everyone is stupid but me Clumsy: observe #DDM #DDM
Braxton And Jaxon Olivares
Braxton And Jaxon Olivares 5 днів тому
Me:gets featured Observe 100
Manayer Alkharji
Manayer Alkharji 5 днів тому
Which is your favorite safety dogo doctor dogo of holy dogo
Melissa Callaway
Melissa Callaway 6 днів тому
But I’m 11 I don’t get a discount
LegoMaster 6 днів тому
This is how I will arrest people in 2020. Robber:*steals* Me aka police:my name is Julio and please come out with your pants down #DDM
London Burge
London Burge 6 днів тому
(A tricycle is a unicycle with training wheels) “Harvard wants to know your location” #ddm
London Burge
London Burge 6 днів тому
5:56 shark boy and lava girl
jojopig13 6 днів тому
I think I might have regected the dude. I wear cat ears. I feel guilty. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh
Tom Headen
Tom Headen 6 днів тому
Bro I got so distracted from the memes in this video that I fell in some lava in a ravine in Minecraft and lost my full set of iron armour
James Lynch
James Lynch 6 днів тому
5:00 *Starbucks worker
yummymarshmillow2903 7 днів тому
4:44 *But I wear cat ears tos chool, and I haven't got friendzoned cause no one likes my ass*
Kurtoz 7 днів тому
8:17 when u see me fuck me
Abdoul La meme
Abdoul La meme 7 днів тому
7:03 What's the game in the background?
Tienn Fontaine
Tienn Fontaine 8 днів тому
When you said "If you press the button Shrek becomes real but you have to marry him," you missed a chance to say I see this as an absolute win
I make bad animations lel
I make bad animations lel 8 днів тому
Genie: you have 3 wishes Me: I wish to have never had wishes Outstanding move! #DDM
alastor the demon
alastor the demon 8 днів тому
#DDM when your son sees lightning when he is sleeping: thats awesome son son: "talks about the lightning he saw last week" dad: '"watches news about pedo taking pictures of children while they sleep'' son: '' stops talking about lightning he saw last week'' dad: what happend to the lightning son? son: its in my room. dad: well shit say by to the house kid!
dd3 rocks
dd3 rocks 9 днів тому
#DDM When your playing basketball with your Christian cousin and all of the sudden you think of Franklin saying a shot here we go again and he takes the ball and you accidentally say shit 😰 then you realize that they didn't here you 😅
xXDemonKingXx 9 днів тому
#DDM clumsy wont pick u because he is too clumsy bro just read his youtube name and stop trying everyone:impossible
flying burrito
flying burrito 9 днів тому
3:36 how the animatronics at Chuck e cheese be looking like
James Krashrr
James Krashrr 9 днів тому
I wish for being in a ddm video without the # #dmd
Dragon’s attack on YouTube
Dragon’s attack on YouTube 9 днів тому
5:55 I remember him I guess I need a dicont
Mikhail Fuckoffavich
Mikhail Fuckoffavich 9 днів тому
People in back of bus : Rosa parks
Theresashing KhawTi
Theresashing KhawTi 10 днів тому
Parents: paper, metal,cardboard and glass, let’s not put it in the trash! Trash can:come closer
Richard Barber
Richard Barber 10 днів тому
7:46 thank God because there way to many perverts in the world...😥
Richard Barber
Richard Barber 10 днів тому
5:51 no they aren't.
Psycho Exposer
Psycho Exposer 10 днів тому
#DDm What if we used 100% of the brain Why dont we wish for fairy god parents instead so we have infinite wishes
Simplistic Sketches
Simplistic Sketches 11 днів тому
#DDM Me: Enjoying a bowl of cereal My mom: Clean your room! Me: I’m eating My mom: Imma eat cho ass if you don’t clean yo room! Me: 😟😐
Shivv4_ 11 днів тому
Friend zoned by Cat ears to school 🏫??... How did you find Me chum #ddm
debo esperar 90 dias para cambiar mi nombre
debo esperar 90 dias para cambiar mi nombre 10 днів тому
You can't get featured in a 3 week old video
Some Guy
Some Guy 11 днів тому
Clumsy: #DDM a funny comment down below Me: #MMD Clumsy: rebellion detected
Screen Slaver
Screen Slaver 11 днів тому
#DDM Happy hogan: you will be the next iron man Peter:it would be my honor Rody/war machine:am I a joke too you
Screen Slaver
Screen Slaver 10 днів тому
debo esperar 90 dias para cambiar mi nombre ps I did this joke in a newer video and my grammar was an accident
debo esperar 90 dias para cambiar mi nombre
debo esperar 90 dias para cambiar mi nombre 10 днів тому
1st. Grammar 0 2nd. This video is old, you can't get featured in it
Raptor 11 днів тому
1st grader: spell icup Other 1st grader: eye cup how do you spell it 1st grader: icup We’ve been tricked, backstabbed, and quite possibly bambozzled #DDM
Raptor 10 днів тому
Just thought it was a funny meme
Raptor 10 днів тому
I know
debo esperar 90 dias para cambiar mi nombre
debo esperar 90 dias para cambiar mi nombre 10 днів тому
This video is old, clumsy won't feature you
Jace 11 днів тому
#DDM Genie: Okay, you have three wishes Me: I wish I was happy Genie: Sorry, can't help you with that
Ryan Hopf
Ryan Hopf 11 днів тому
#🅱️🅱️M when I use this instead of #DDM
Ryan Hopf
Ryan Hopf 11 днів тому
4:41 This exactly happened to me
[I'm Vegan't] Psygirl14
[I'm Vegan't] Psygirl14 11 днів тому
My 3 wishes: -Bring back Stan Lee -Bring back Grumpy Cat -the 3 Doggos live forever
ETHAN MADE 11 днів тому
#DDM flie: *flies in my room* me: your free trial of life has ended
REBEL2654 11 днів тому
I wish for you to make me cure cancer (my mum got it yesterday) ;(
iOS Addikt
iOS Addikt 11 днів тому
Croquet Yuzu
Croquet Yuzu 12 днів тому
4:43 I did that two people in the same day. Am I a bad person now? :(
Doan Lac Thien
Doan Lac Thien 12 днів тому
4:43 Oh, he might be me.
stuart coombes
stuart coombes 12 днів тому
When you want to move onto the next UAwomen video but to watched them all Reality is often disappointing #DDM
Thrive Mk
Thrive Mk 12 днів тому
Rebecca Hoerter
Rebecca Hoerter 12 днів тому
2:00 So true...
Elvis Sanchez
Elvis Sanchez 12 днів тому
I can't help to realize i will be thinking about most of this stuff today. =/
OMGS Gold YOSHI 12 днів тому
Pause the video then hit my timestamp when you do this is exactly what happened to me 4:44
siiri does gacha
siiri does gacha 12 днів тому
horses produce fast
X_Grave_ X
X_Grave_ X 12 днів тому
1:46 wtf does that even mean how does the kid know these words
Æ Leon
Æ Leon 13 днів тому
Genie: You have 3 wishes Me: I wish I have infinite wishes Genie: (⊙.⊙)
Mr. Lazurus
Mr. Lazurus 13 днів тому
#DDM *During Pokemon Lets go team battle against a lvl 1 ratata trainer vs level 100 level pikachu and Zapdos* Pikachu: Uses thunder on Zapdos and tries to be funny Pikachu: Accidently zaps himself too because they were touching and lost Zapdos: What the fuck did you just bring upon this cursed land
Super Buu336
Super Buu336 13 днів тому
4:44 Well That was me
Rex Richardson
Rex Richardson 13 днів тому
8:19 can you pls exsplain
The real Tsuyu Asui
The real Tsuyu Asui 13 днів тому
#DDM dad: *asks my brother if he has depression and he answers no* Also dad: *does not ask me things about depression* Me: am I a joke to you? I know this meme is dead but idc
iziku midoriya
iziku midoriya 11 днів тому
@The real Tsuyu Asui I can't change my picture for some reason lol
The real Tsuyu Asui
The real Tsuyu Asui 11 днів тому
iziku midoriya, both but not kacchan
iziku midoriya
iziku midoriya 11 днів тому
Who do you like more kacchan, todoroki, or deku?
ToiletProductions 13 днів тому
5:29 you had the chance to say we’re in the endergame now
Dragon Studios HD
Dragon Studios HD 14 днів тому
4:45 If you are feeling depressed, just remember there is someone getting friend zoned by a girl who wears cat ears to school. I am that girl with the cat ears. Maybe even a fox tail clipped to my pants if I'm feeling extra that day
Bridget Jafta
Bridget Jafta 14 днів тому
1:58 r/notlikeothergirls
Dorcas Shako
Dorcas Shako 14 днів тому
0:46 is true I'm 9⃣ my baby bro he fall and we laugh he dances unless it's serious but if we say sorry he starts crying
aloha the inkling
aloha the inkling 15 днів тому
Actually someone at my school has gotten freinds zone by a girl that wears cat ears to school so she freinds zoned him and got with me
Derek Ryan
Derek Ryan 15 днів тому
#ddm genie you have three wishes Me I wish I had unlimited wishes Genie (is now dead inside)
Nina and the games
Nina and the games 15 днів тому
Solo-Smokez Z
Solo-Smokez Z 15 днів тому
#DDN When u get featured in DDM but didn’t put #DDM SNEAK 100
ProGoldenGamer_3MOT 13 днів тому
Lmao this should have got picked
Gothica 15 днів тому
#DDM Genie: You have three wishes Me: I wish I had infinite wishes Genie: 🤬
Gothica 10 днів тому
Vault Boy
Vault Boy 16 днів тому
#DDM Me:*exists* Mom:its that damn phone
Ryan Hopf
Ryan Hopf 11 днів тому
Shouldn't you be promoting a government funded mega corporation?
Chocking Hazard
Chocking Hazard 16 днів тому
#DDM Genie: You have 3 wishes Me: I wish for infinite wishes Genie: we've been tricked, backstabbed and quite possibly bamboozled.
YK_SyBorg 17 днів тому
#DDM When it says like or your mom gay And you don’t press it *a small price to pay for salvation*
YK_SyBorg 17 днів тому
#DDM Me:*clicks on an *impossible* try not to laugh challenge*. Also me:*doesnt laugh* The UAwomenr: *impossible*
Here’s the freakin TeaaaXD
Here’s the freakin TeaaaXD 10 днів тому
When your mom tells u to pause a online game Me: 8:26
PuppetsGalore 17 днів тому
5:53 Mr.Electric sharkboy and lavagirl
Jacob _
Jacob _ 18 днів тому
No one: Clumsy: *says everything that is relatable* Every one that relates to clumsy: *everyone* #DDM
Gon Killua
Gon Killua 18 днів тому
Omg this is always me 0:20
Anna Puszkarczuk
Anna Puszkarczuk 18 днів тому
#DDM When your teacher says pick a partner and you have ur crush in that class and non of his friends are there and you have no friends in the class so the teacher partners you up together
Lonewolf 18 днів тому
8:00 who takes these pictures?
silliestchannel ever
silliestchannel ever 18 днів тому
Dr strange has an amazing ppwer Most important battle I could go to help Or... *HOLD WATER*
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