A Tour Of My Plants

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Music is by the wonderfully talented Andrew Applepie open.spotify.com/artist/5BYcwjrQth7em7maAt0yKE
These are the fun and helpful youtube channels (among many) that I like to watch
Planterina - uawomen.net/women/UCUIdHDKQIy-vr-D7M6KuRUQ
Kaylee Ellen - uawomen.net/women/UCWRyi0LgQqAs7_Zz09VZA-Q
Hilton Carter from Apartment Therapy - uawomen.net/wname-results?search_query=hilton+carter
Betsy Begonia - uawomen.net/women/UCRjGbWm25MaUd3VLuJpPtYg

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brini996 6 хвилин тому
I'm 17 and I love this video relaxing asf
ollie Годину тому
This is my favorite video now. I love all of the ratchet salon videos but this is so relaxing. I only have three indoor plants but I strive for your level of "rainforest cafe" house plants. Thank you for taking the time to make this video!
Gunnykido7 2 години тому
I feel you with the turning 1 plant into 5.. if i break my vine accidentally im just like GET THE JAR AND WATER
Kayla Rodriguez
Kayla Rodriguez 2 години тому
I need plants now
Rachel Boccio
Rachel Boccio 2 години тому
My dad has had a Hoya for over 40 years and when it flowers it has the most amazing smell... hope yours flower some day!
savannah ferrell
savannah ferrell 5 годин тому
Jenna’s wearing the shirt julien got her 🥺😢💕
Alanah Shanae
Alanah Shanae 6 годин тому
gosh shes just too cute for her own good
Ancy Alexander
Ancy Alexander 9 годин тому
Watching this from India and never heard of hoyas before. Now I'm researching which hoyas are native to India so I can have em all!
Katherine Pioch
Katherine Pioch 11 годин тому
This was so relaxing! Plant Mom for the win!
Lucy Garcia
Lucy Garcia 12 годин тому
I recently bought a 4 foot tall fiddle leaf fig for 10$ at a grocery store.... she is thriving
SALt 12 годин тому
Gabrielle Hollant
Gabrielle Hollant 14 годин тому
Me: *kills every plant ive ever had* Also Me: *buys plants after seeing this vid* I have new hope Jenna!! Thank youuuu
TheMardBard 15 годин тому
Jennnnaaaa, you've created a monster out of me! 😂 I went from 0 to 6 plants this month, with two more on the way from etsy, and I've subscribed to so many gardening channels on here, too!
lizzfrmhon 19 годин тому
The dog’s face tho -_-
Amy Taylor
Amy Taylor 23 години тому
Now I want another plant. Also, love the pastel and jeans! 💞
Kiki Minecraft
Kiki Minecraft День тому
Physically? I’m a 16 year old. Mentally? I’m a 62 year old lady who’s wise-cracking humour often gets a smack from my wife. We have a garden. We plant tomatoes and tend to our flowers on the daily. Obama is there.
OneOfManyFandoms День тому
Pewds has the 9 year olds... But we have the 32 year old ladies!
Jessica Taylor
Jessica Taylor День тому
jenna is me
Keiji День тому
idk if anyone has made this joke but. petition to send phil’s plants to jenna lmao
Mindy H.
Mindy H. День тому
Jenna is so incredibly smart and generous and beautiful, the fact that she has remembered so much info on these plants and treats them just like the living beings they are makes my heart full. 10/10 a beautiful, perfect human being
Theresa Zimmerman
Theresa Zimmerman День тому
I love this. OG fans don't really care what content you post because we just want to see what you'll do next.
A Human
A Human День тому
I bet my mom would do this😂 We have 48 plants inside my house,I CAN BREATHE PROPERLY
Saar -
Saar - День тому
It just hit me that Jenna lowkey looks like Kate Walsh.
Jen Vee
Jen Vee День тому
We need an updated plant tour! 😃
Dark Madness
Dark Madness День тому
I’m a 32 year old lady and a 12 year old at the same time 😂
Stephanie Rivers
Stephanie Rivers День тому
I’m 34 and I loved this video :) careful with palms and dogs, some of them are toxic to dogs (sego palms for sure not totally sure about your beautiful palm, just wanted you to be aware!). I wish I could have a house full of lush plants like this but have asshole leaf chewing kitties.
Stefanie Nguyen
Stefanie Nguyen День тому
Seeing how into them Jenna is makes me feel so guilty for killing plants when I was a child because I wanted to make “food”
Moose Stache
Moose Stache День тому
I want you to know that between this video and now, I have accumulated 16 plants and it's all your fault. I've only killed two so far, here's to hoping they're the last!
Hailie Overstreet
Hailie Overstreet День тому
im 16 but on wednesday/ thursdays im a 32 year old non-binary frienddddddd *jenna music*
Alise Jade
Alise Jade День тому
I love her nail color
Ashley Sielky
Ashley Sielky День тому
Dude, I just learned so much about house plants. Awesome 😎
Leigha La Tourette
Leigha La Tourette День тому
Jenna, I need an update plsssssssss
namfruit День тому
its so cool that jenna has a ganesha statue on her shelves :)
*ĘYĘ x ŠĘÅ* День тому
6:01 “I want it to be this big MISS QUIESSHA in the corner youknowwhatimsayin??” 🤣
Bo Jaxon
Bo Jaxon 2 дні тому
You need a wandering jew
Bo Jaxon
Bo Jaxon 2 дні тому
My mom went to horticultural school. Awesome video. Our "curtains" growing up were green. The background music was not enjoyable.
Halfmoon Fullmoon
Halfmoon Fullmoon 2 дні тому
I know the my-house-has-so-many-plants feeling, only it's outdoor plants. It all started off with my mother going to a market and getting a few succulents, and then two became five and five became eventually 50 different varieties with hundreds of plants. They are all over the backyard. We built a car port with the intention of putting the car under it, but now it's just been over taken by my mothers succulent obsession. I don't mind it though because I have that many cactuses in my bedroom, so I'll be just like her in that sence.
lizzy290 2 дні тому
Aw this is the shirt Julien got for her 2 yrs ago in My Boyfriend Buy My Outfits. Looks so good!
Caitlin Handshoe
Caitlin Handshoe 2 дні тому
It's 3am and I am now obsessed with plants help
Kristy Biser
Kristy Biser 2 дні тому
updated plant tour?
Viviana V.
Viviana V. 2 дні тому
Jenna asking her plant to chill with the leaf growing omg I love her so much
Viviana V.
Viviana V. 2 дні тому
Jenna asking her plant to chill with the leaf growing omg I love her so much
robin13400 2 дні тому
Please make an update ! You have triggered my inner 32 year old ladYYYyyyY in me and I need a fix
Lost Propnutz
Lost Propnutz 2 дні тому
Do some homework on the Jade Plant - Crassula ovuta.. If you provide direct light "outside" on occasions it will flourish in a dark corner. They get Very large and when treated well have a super rich red to their leaves. Correct watering and proper food is the trick.
Laksh P
Laksh P 2 дні тому
Had to rewatch this since now I am finally a 32 year old lady :D
Sunny Day
Sunny Day 2 дні тому
I didn't know they are married. She got the whole set on her wedding ring finger.
Rowan Six
Rowan Six День тому
They aren't married ☺️
Elizabeth Kimberly
Elizabeth Kimberly 2 дні тому
The way she holds an cermet 😂
Olivia Davenport
Olivia Davenport 2 дні тому
why is Jenna making me feel so bad for these previously abused plants like- they're plants but im about to cry cus someone castrated her hoya
lemonfridge 2 дні тому
*i wish someone would love me as much as jenna loves her plants*
loise bertulfo
loise bertulfo 2 дні тому
Coming from the Phillipines most of these plants just grow around the bushes.. From watching this video I'm starting to wonder if I'm sitting on a gold mine.. 😮
Ancy Alexander
Ancy Alexander 9 годин тому
Yes you are! And I feel the same way in India 🤣
Mister Skarred
Mister Skarred 2 дні тому
Plants that look nice are cool but plants that produce fruits are also really rewarding. Nothing like growing your own food, even something simple like a lemon tree. Also for corners of your house which don't get light that you want to keep plants you could put an LED grow light or fluorescent grow light there instead of a regular light bulb. Just a thought.
Jill 2 дні тому
Im gonna go buy some plants now bye
Amanda Montenegro
Amanda Montenegro 2 дні тому
I just thought of this so I came back to mention a really awesome plant you could add to your collection. (Don't tell Julien) Now this is coming from someone that the plants at Home Depot try to run from whenever I go plant shopping...most of them are doomed to parish in my house (I didn't inherit my mother's green thumbs), but there is one that has stood the test of time. The Plumeria. Never have I ever had the privilege of being graced with such beautiful, fragrant blooms! You can literally stick the thing in water and it just shows you so much love! Cut off an arm and let it dry out, then stick in the dirt, water, sun, and wa la! Cloned. They're really amazing. So if you need a full sun buddy to fill your air with loveliness, try a plumeria. You won't be disappointed.
mle11lovesDisney 3 дні тому
This makes me want to get so many plants.
ham salad
ham salad 3 дні тому
Me : only started watching Jenna like last week so have many exciting videos to binge Also me : *PLANTS*
Harpa Sveins
Harpa Sveins 3 дні тому
I would love a update on your plants :) pretty please!
KawaiiKT 3 дні тому
*is 24* *sadly leaves*
Punky Pie
Punky Pie 3 дні тому
50% humidity 😂, I run a dehumidifier constantly and I can only get mine down to like 65% if I'm really lucky!
André Paulo
André Paulo 3 дні тому
omfg I request a Jenna meets Landscape Architect video, it would be just perfect, them chatting about outdoor plants and indoor plants 🌱🌳🌴🌲🌿
Mark Boron
Mark Boron 3 дні тому
"Accused of running a Rainforest Cafe at my house..." OMG the shade is real ahahahahah
Kathryn Gour
Kathryn Gour 3 дні тому
Them: "Oh you're in your thirties. Do you have kids?" Me & Jenna: "Nope. Wanna see my plants and dogs?"
nunya buisness
nunya buisness 3 дні тому
Do plant updates!! I'm a plant mom myself and honestly, they're so adorable and seeing so many happy plants puts a smile on my face!
Melanie B
Melanie B 3 дні тому
I came back to watch this again because I enjoy this video a lot. And I went to like it. And I saw I had already liked it. Wishing I could like it again.
Ashley Smith
Ashley Smith 3 дні тому
That rubber plant is a fabulous ficus.
The Crafty Mum
The Crafty Mum 3 дні тому
Jenna Marbles I have never loved you more
That one girl
That one girl 3 дні тому
Jenna can we pretty please get a plant update!
Birdbird & Felix
Birdbird & Felix 3 дні тому
Jenna... You made me get a snake plant. A burros tail, 2 other succulents, another smaller burros tail, a spider plant, and a ground trailing hoiya. Plus a mystery plant. Thank you for letting me annoy my husband with plant trivia as well
Madison Emma
Madison Emma 4 дні тому
can u make a big groupchat about plants
Rebecca Weaver
Rebecca Weaver 4 дні тому
This is my favorite house plant videos! Jenna you are amazing and I lovd you!!!!
Brealyn Steward
Brealyn Steward 4 дні тому
I only watcxhed this vid for cermit
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